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February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

heres one from this current weekly issue of Vegas Seven magazine. This was the grand opening of the Cavalli store in Crystals, City center. Check it out on local news stands! I’ll try to keep this blog updated I promise!

added this one just so i didnt have to post 2 tearsheet posts back to back. This is march’s 1st week issue. This was at for Creative Recreation at Scoop NYC in the forum shops.



February 8, 2010 Leave a comment

I feel like shooting automotive….sometimes i feel like a nut.

So I’ve been really busy working with WENDOH media, which is, 944 magazine and vegasSEVEN which is a new weekly local magazine which is great, I love staying busy! This shot was very last minute, and well, so were the edits. I haven’t shot anything automotive related in a while besides drifting, let alone rig shots. I would like to shoot some more, but time is just so scarce lately. My sleeping schedule is all sorts of messed up, but I’m feeling a lot healthier than I did a few months ago, which is good! Asthma is the worst!

short update, I’ll try to keep updating as much as possible still, bear with me.

Going back…way back…back into time..

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I remember when my brother first got his Nikon DSLR, it was a Nikon D70. I was pretty jealous as I think I had saved up for my first Canon powershot g3!! Talk about old-school! I remember it came with a 32mb CF type 1 card, and i paid about $80 for a one gigabyte card! Anyways, I didn’t know I’d end up having such an interest in photography as I do now. Nikon has always been “backwards” to me coming since my first DSLR was a 30D, from lens mounting to just the wheels in general. Thankfully the Nikon D700 has options where you can reverse the wheels, and tiny creature comforts that made the transition a lot smoother. Well, I purchased a 2nd hand D70s from a buddy on OTAP. He gave me a smokin’ deal I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been looking for a 2nd (crop/aps-c) body for family stuff, walking around, and the d700 is kind of intimidating to point at strangers (on both ends!), this one looks like I’ll be able to get away with more stuff, and shooting in certain areas as its not-so-serious looking.
Why a D70s? Why not? well, I guess it’s because I’m cheap and not made of money! When I need to start shooting 2 serious bodies, well I’ll think about it then. Right now this is perfect, the prehistoric 5 AF points, and the electronic shutter (which allows 1/500 sync speed) will suit just fine for a walk around body and high-speed-sync sun-killer. It kind of reminds me why I wanted a DSLR in the first place, which was mainly Image-Quality, off-camera flash abilities, and that narrow depth-of-field shots my brother used to always take which my Powershot couldn’t do for the life of it.
I decided to test it out, and do an outdoor “sportrait” during mid-afternoon. I think it came out decent, there are a few things wrong with these, but I’m kind of posting these a bit premature, I just shot these yesterday, so don’t mind my funky edits. This one is from the D70s.

I know I can light outdoors now which is good to know for future shoots. I believe that shot was at 1/500, I should have pushed it a bit more, and thats was with 3 strobes with diffusers on full blast!

That was with the D700, different edit/tones than the last, this pose looked a lot better in black and white, almost gave it more feeling. You can see a lot more detail with the D700, but thats to be expected. And lastly a set-up shot! I can’t believe I actually remembered!

On a more personal note, I started shooting for work again! I haven’t shot nightlife since end of December! This weekend I’ll be shooting the UNLV vs BYU game, I can’t wait! Looks like the rest of the week I’ll be at the SpyOn Open Bar events! Check it out, and get your photo taken! Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment if you like these behind the scene type shots. I’ll start to do this more if there’s a demand. Good ni….Morning! and have a great day!