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May 22, 2009 2 comments

After about 6 months of contemplating, I’ve made the jump to Nikon. This is where the argument comes. I switched from a 1d Mark II to a gripped D300. (1.3 to 1.5 sensor, rather than going to a D700 full frame) as I initially planned. The first thing to do was sell all my canon gear to make room and money for the nikon gear. With what I shoot, I HAD to have these lenses (70-200G 2.8VR, and a UWA for rig shots) I can not post prices of what I got these for, for any chance of resale in the future, but I found a guy on ebay who had a 70-200vr, tokina 12-24 and a d300 for sale. With such a huge jump, I thought to myself a D300 would do the job as long as I had a grip and a mid range lens to use. I emailed the ebay user, and offered to buy all 3 items from him to save on shipping, and he was kind enough to say yes! I then found locally a 17-55G DX lens, MBD10 battery grip and a 200 f/2 AiF and TC14e teleconverter. anyways, with that said I did pay about $800-$1000 (which is insane for the amount of gear I just listed!!) out of pocket for everything including new portable power (sb24, 2xsb28’s and an abr800 ringflash). I still plan on jumping to a d700, but probably when the type of work I get requires it.

200f2 photo taken by Al Powers with his new af chipped 400 f/2.8 AiS!!



May 12, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been helping out/assisting a good friend Al Powers on a few photoshoots lately. The first was for Maxim’s Home town Hottie. The photo shoot was at Tao Night club at 10am. We shot about 4 looks, THESE ARE AL’s IMAGES btw. I think I’ve sold most of my canon gear by this point.


The next was a week later at the Palm’s Recording Studio. Wow that place is super baller! This is a hip hop artist/writer named Los Da Maestro. He was a pretty cool guy, this shot was amazing because we were strapped with time, and was lit with 2 speedlights.


Al’s helped me understand lighting a lot, hopefully I’ll start doing more models in the near future.


April 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I decided to break April into 3 different posts. This will be covering Ray and Brian’s car and PMA 09 (photographers marketing association). This is also the month I launched my website!

Ray called me up and told me he wanted rig shots of his car. I’ve been waiting to shoot this car for a while so I said why not!? I actually got very lucky at this spot as its now closed off to public and a parking garage will be built in its place. This is Ray’s 4th s13, so he’s not new as you can see. He is also the founder of Royal Flush Apparel.


Another friend of mine, Brian called me and told me his car was freshly painted. He’s had the same car since 2002 if i recall correctly. He’s had the same motor and at least 20 events or so without a rebuild or any problems. In that aspect, he’s the Las Vegas version of George from!!


PMA was in town, and as a part of work I showed up to see the new Sony Alpha products.

start off with the alpha stuff

then the canon, since thats what i shoot with. mmm 17mm TSE

and then what I was secretly admiring….cut-away d3 and 14-24 *drool*

Convention month!

January 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Early in the month, Mike Bonnani contacted me to let me know his 350Z was back with a new look, and that he needed a static shot of it for a Dsport/Redline add. Heres the one they used IIRC.

This month was VERY busy for my work. All the corporate cats were in town for CES, and all the pervs for AVN. I went to both, does that make me? BTW, If you plan on going to AVN in the future, stay in the front. The further you go in, the worse it gets, from the fetish aisle from BBW to midget porn. It was absolutely terrible!!

this is where I spent most of my time, since it was a work related event.
I was playing with the 5d markII. heres ISO 6400! I know this is small, but the full version is still “wow”
then I turned around and saw this guy. Lucky me, I had a 5dII and 85L.

AVN: she was worth it. thats about all I can say about the show.

And as if the month wasn’t busy enough, that weekend there was a Just Drift event @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Decent turn out, hosted my pics for coverage.
It can be seen Here


Red Bull World Drift Challenge

November 17, 2008 Leave a comment

This weekend, I shot the first round of Redbull’s World Drift Challenge which was hosted by Formula D. It was two days of epic drifting, one of the largest tracks ever (100+mph entries), first day was full of crashes during ProAm Qualifying and 2nd day was the main event. There were 32 drivers from 12 nations across the world, so it wasn’t your run of the mill drift day. While the event was nothing short of amazing, we had burning tires in the air with a mix of million dollar homes, thanks to California’s never ending fire problem, definitely not the healthiest place to be, but I don’t think there was anywhere else I’d want to be. Let me first off say that it was just amazing to hear/see Mad Mike’s quad rotor FD, and Ueo’s GANGSTER entries. seriously Ueo vs Dai Yoshihara was an amazing tandem battle. anyways, heres a few pics from my flickr.

world drift challenge