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XDC Las Vegas

May 23, 2010 Leave a comment

This past weekend was XDC (xtreme drift circuit) here in Las Vegas. I worked Friday day and night and missed Friday’s practice and most of the day Saturday due to over-sleeping. I went with the intentions on hanging out with a few friends that were in town and shoot my friend George’s FC. It didn’t happen unfortunately due to both our hectic schedules and simply bad timing, however congrats on placing 3rd George and congrats on the baby any day now!!
side note: I really wish FD ProAM would be at PIR instead of FIR this year, I’d love to see a pro-drift event out there, that track is glorious!!!

I don’t have a lot of pics to choose from unfortunately, I got there THAT late. OOPs. This is George’s gorgeous LS1 powered FC. One of my favorite FC’s ever right up there with JTP’s. George’s build is so tedious and well done, I remember when he used to drive his “sil8ty” to the Hankook Series back in 2003-4? Driving from AZ to vegas with no A/C is something I think we’ll all never do again. What were we thinking back then?

A lot of FD drivers are doing both comps, Forrest Wang, Alex Pfiefer, and Quoc Ly were both out there this weekend tearing it up! Alex’s SC300 is another great build. Not a fan of the flames, but I think he cleaned up the decals a bit since the last I’ve seen it.

This was the first time LVMS let anyone use the inside road-course for drifting. Turn one seemed to be the culprit of the day during tandem, the long sweeping entry would throw a lot of the drivers off-course.
The media spots to shoot weren’t ideal at all honestly unless I had a DX camera with a 1.4x tele converter or a 400mm on a FX. The images are heavily cropped, I’m not pleased. Hopefully I stay on track and save up enough for a D300s back up body, aiming for end of july through mid august. (kind of a b-day present to myself!) Until next time!!

-Brenton Ho


Vegasdrift 015

December 7, 2009 7 comments

This past Saturday was Vegasdrift’s 015 event, which included a small competition and toy drive out at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Nick and his staff always pull through for the vegas community. Tons of track time with two course layouts side by side, and 2 run groups! Good thing its not the summer! Majority of the cars there would be overheating! I’m just messing, only talking about the rotary guys. HA! Actually the night before the event was about 30 degrees! Probably one of the coldest nights we’ve had in a while, so by the time the event was over (when i started shooting the drifting) my hands were freezing! I could barely press the shutter! This is going to sound….., but it might be a wardrobe malfunction, I gotta start wearing jackets that insulate heat!!

So when I arrived at the track, I used two lenses only, both being manual focus, and both being semi new to the arsenal. One was a Korean GEM by the name of ROKINON 85 f/1.4, and the other being approximately 50mm f/4 lens baby composer! I haven’t shot primes in a while, and I do enjoy it over zooms, but not when I’m rushed or expected certain images. I definitely think a full morning of manual focusing can make your brain work as hard as any history book. I just cant justify the price of the AF model of the 85 f/1.4 when optic wise they’re so similar!

Here are a few shot with the 85 f/1.4 particularly of the AZ240SX.ORG drivers!! I miss PIR soo much!

I like the stance of this car, and the motor, still up in the air about the custom sheet metal pull in the rear. I’ve felt this way since the first time I saw this car in PHX a few years back.

Its rocking now ITB’s from the GTIR which by itself is a ton of work. If I recall correctly, new throttle cable, plenum, fuel rail. Whatever, getting off-topic. heres a pic!

lens baby composer pics! Heres one of local Just Drift Drivers, Mike Bolanos! He sure has come a long way since the Hankook drift events!

and one of a local driver who’s car never runs conveniently during an event who also runs Royal Flush Appearal, but needs more t-shirts, RAY! (I’m just kidding, but didn’t I warn you about deathworks injectors when you got them?)

and finally two action shots, this pretty much sums up grassroot drifting I think from cars built from the bottom up, to cars with bare essentials to have fun in!

and lastly my favorite of the day. These images don’t look bad for no post processing, just batch processed the watermarks on because I’m so far behind on updates!

Thanks for checking in! I’ll have more updates soon! Thanks again to Nick and staff for putting on THE only drift events for the las vegas grassroot community.

Welcome to my Blog!

April 19, 2009 1 comment

Hi!  I figured I’d do a quick intro about myself. My name is Brenton Ho, 24 years young.  I am a local resident in Las Vegas, NV.  I go to school (still! I’ll get into that later),  work full time for SONY ALPHA© as a specialist for the Las Vegas Sony Style retail store, and I try to do as much freelance photography as I can squeeze in my schedule! No, I do not shoot with Sony, I have so much invested into another brand, it wouldnt be a good idea at all financially, esp being a student.

I’ve been shooting for only about 3 years,  only started taking it seriously less than 2 years ago however.  It all started with a 95 Nissan 240sx that I loved that started in early 2001.  I used to go out of state all the time to drift at JUST DRIFT events in willow springs or HPDE/US DRIFT/Trial by Fire events at Phoenix International Raceway or Firebird Raceway.  I especially liked the Arizona events because of the people and the photographers. Usually a few days after the race you could log onto and find 2 or more photographers (friscomix/, posting coverage of the past race/event.  By the way I love this quote from GRM “Racing is an addiction only cured by poverty”  shortly after I found out its the same for photography!

I was skipping school to build my race car, and going out of state once or even twice a month. That was not even including event entry, spare rims and tires, since back then on-site tire changing was unheard of.  So not only was it affecting school, but it was definately hurting financially as well maintaining a drift/daily driver. If it was broken, I was SOL, and had to find another mean of transportation, which could potentially cause problems at work.  It was a real eye-opener after I slammed the car into a wall at Firebird Raceway, which wasn’t THAT bad, as it was a tire wall, not a cement barrier. Deciding what I wanted to do was really hard, as I couldn’t see giving up racing yet.  I figured I would make my decision after the last event I signed up for, which was a VegasDrift event Parhump, NV.  Turns out I had crazy electrical bugs at the event in the middle of summer at a police training site. (imagine over 120 degrees) I was just over it by now,  having a Black s14 with no carpet/sound deadning, no a/c, and a turbo motor, as a daily driver. I remember my puma speedcat that I wore to that event melted to the transmission tunnel on the drive home. I used a chisel and mallet to get it out!!

I thought if i parted it out, after I sold everything I could buy a daily driver, another platform to race (s13) and have some money for other hobbies such as photography.  I ended up with a Scion Xb, EOS 30d, 430ex flash, a crf50, and a s13 shell with a blown sr. Anyways to make a long story short, I hated the Scion, it was good at the time because it helped build my credit tremendously, and got me approved for my 07 Frontier 4×4, eventually upgraded to a 40d from taking advantage of BestBuy’s service plan. The S13 went way over budget, I had Kazama everything, JIC FLTa2’s, Tomei 2way, S13sr w/550cc injectors, Z32 maf, GT2871r .64, Work XD-9’s, chargespeed overfenders and Origin aggresive aero.  It was setup perfect for what I wanted it to do, but ended up blowing the headgasket in the first week of daily driving it. FML.

It was an easy fix, but I was just so over it, I just built a car from the ground up, with nothing to show. I’ve had pretty shitty job at the moment, and on top of that at the time, I was a drop out from school.  I slept on it for quite a bit,  decided I can rebuild another whenever I wanted.  Parted out again, enrolled for next semester of school for a major in business, and photography as a minor. I initially wanted to get more into photography so I could still go out to drift events and hang out with all my friends, and practice shooting/panning, getting tips from the local photo ninja’s!  Probably the best decision I think I made in a long time. I’m definitely thankful for a few people that have helped me out tremendously such as Jacob Leveton (jacobphoto) and Mike Maez (M2AutoPhoto). I am still growing, and can see how my work is constantly improving. Hopefully I will be able to get a feature or even a front cover shot sometime in the near future.  Sorry for going off track, (no pun intended!!)

i wanted to throw some images in of my old s14.


April 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I decided to break April into 3 different posts. This will be covering Ray and Brian’s car and PMA 09 (photographers marketing association). This is also the month I launched my website!

Ray called me up and told me he wanted rig shots of his car. I’ve been waiting to shoot this car for a while so I said why not!? I actually got very lucky at this spot as its now closed off to public and a parking garage will be built in its place. This is Ray’s 4th s13, so he’s not new as you can see. He is also the founder of Royal Flush Apparel.


Another friend of mine, Brian called me and told me his car was freshly painted. He’s had the same car since 2002 if i recall correctly. He’s had the same motor and at least 20 events or so without a rebuild or any problems. In that aspect, he’s the Las Vegas version of George from!!


PMA was in town, and as a part of work I showed up to see the new Sony Alpha products.

start off with the alpha stuff

then the canon, since thats what i shoot with. mmm 17mm TSE

and then what I was secretly admiring….cut-away d3 and 14-24 *drool*