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Jungle boogie! =P

March 9, 2010 3 comments

So, I did a photoshoot about a week ago with a local friend/model Mariel Mendoza. It went smoother than expected, she’s a blast to work with and I’m pretty happy with the outcome! I really don’t have a ton of portrait work in my portfolio, but I’m definitely ready to start doing this more. This was at a location I’ve wanted to shoot at for about half a year now. It was a last minute “guerrilla” type shoot. I almost could have bet money we would have gotten kicked off the property, but I guess we got lucky!!

Thanks to Danny Szeto for helping me out with the shoot, and lugging all my gear around since my multicart rf12 model blew up the sunday before. Since then, the r12 has been replaced with the no-flat r10nf model. I must say I’m a huge fan, and only recommend the “no-flat” version of these carts since the regular model blew up on its first use. The r10nf front casters also have brakes, which is what sold me the 2nd time around.

Most of these are shot with a white-lightning x1600 with a large gridded softbox or gridded beauty dish as a main and a bare sb800 or sb80dx as a rim. I’m liking the grids a lot, you get so much more control, I’m definitely excited for future shoots! I really need to start setting more of these up. I really like the look/feel of this set!!

Work has been killer!! (in a good way), pool season is about to start, so that means we’ll be even more busier!! hmm….I really hate wearing shorts..hmm…anyways! thats it for now, thanks for following and check back more!


dolls n laundry pt 2

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment

It took a little bit longer than wanted to actually have these photos up. I ended up having to get my own model release forms filled, and ended up going with a different edit than the original ones I posted up previously. Please check out the blog post “muchacha sucia” as I updated photos there. I had a problem with the original ones I edited. Hopefully Enjoly and the the girls enjoy these, I look forward to working with her on future projects.
this one of Corina was one of my favorites, its got a dramatic feel to it vs the others

another of faith

and one of jenna, she also works at hypnotic with enjoly, and has a great attitude! all very nice people for sure!

So Formula D Irwindale “Final Round” is coming up, and I cannot wait! I also did a shoot of a local buddy’s car out here. Shot it with natural light and with strobes, figuring out what i’m going to do with the set at the moment. I also took delivery of my custom built rig =P. I can’t wait to test it out, too bad the last car i shot has carbon everything and a flat black roof!! i dont want to risk anything at the moment, might just have to use it on a different car!!

“muchacha sucia”

August 31, 2009 2 comments

“dirty girl”  is all in reference to the “grungy laundromat themed photoshoot” that I did with local photographer. Anyways, this was a last minute shoot that sounded like something I’d like to do. It consisted of 2 make up artists, 4 girls and 2 photogs. It was a really cool theme, anyways, I’m happy with it, I’ve been playing a lot more in Lightroom 2 as well. Lighting was pretty simple I used a ab800 camera right 1/4 power in a 54″ photek softliter, and sb800 for a rim at about 50mm 1/8 to 1/16th power. I wish i had a set of grids during this shoot, so much that when I got home I ordered a set of 7″ grids for my alienbees, and a 22″grid for my beauty dish for next shoot!!

don’t mind the edits, I thought they were suiting to the location/grungyness of the image. kind of went for that desaturated/bump in contrast “pin up style” edit.

and lastly heres molly kaiser, i actually took a setup shot of this one which i’m proud of since i usually pack up with the quickness and leave!

heres the setup shot: btw, voice activated light stand only used for this shot, i thought it would be like extra eye candy! =P

on a more personal note, I had a pretty big oral surgery the morning after the shoot, and well i’m now minus one wisdom tooth, and 2 problematic teeth, and minus a little bit of bone from my jaw……sounds fun right? If a dentist tells you, you might need a bone graft? that means you might be SOL, and in for a crap ton of pain. just a little random FYI….

more updates coming! check back soon!!!