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Help-Portrait 2010

December 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Dec 4th was the Las Vegas second annual Help-Portrait event at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center. The group shot above was remote triggered via Al Powers, @PowersImagery who pretty much ran the event this year. Here is a link to last years post for those that don’t remember. Click!

I wanted to give out a big Thank You to all the hair and make-up artists that helped out again this year, Justin Wray for supplying the step-and-repeat backdrop, TRYST nightclub for letting us use their red carpet, and everyone that came out to support the event!

It was nice going out there again, weather was great, and even saw some familiar faces from the previous year!

I like to check out what other communities are doing, some places go to senior citizen homes, hospitals, special education centers, and some people seem to do it independently as well! Its quite unreal how big this became.

If anyone wants more info or wants to know how to help out, this is a WORLD-WIDE event! This is happening once a year in your community! HELP PORTRAIT WEBSITE



April 20, 2010 Leave a comment

“This photo was taken by Al Powers after we conducted a lighting test. This is with a speedotron beautydish w/30 degree grid. And yes, I’m in SPACE!!!”

So, not meaning to back track, but Friday I helped out my good friend Al Powers with a lighting test between a 7′ white Photoflex octabox, 70″ white lastolite umbrella, and a silver 86″ PLM. Check out his comparison here. My personal favorite was the 86″ PLM, the light quality/efficiency and price make it the best bang for the buck modifier on the market, and I’m honestly almost sick of waiting for mine. I’ve been waiting for my version 1 PLM forever, but recently was told I’d be recieving Version 2 upon arrival of the product (whenever that is). The PLM has its downsides however, If used outdoors, I’d feel so much better using the photoflex 7′ Octadome just because I know it won’t “lift-off” on a windy day, you can also use just the inner diffusion panel for a more “edgy” look vs using the inner/outter diffusion panels.

Oh….and if you ever bought any sandisk extreme 3/4 card, install that program called Rescue Pro. I accidentally deleted about three photos in a row that I wanted to “LOCK”, and well, I got really lucky that’s all. Also, living off of 3-4hours every day will eventually take its toll and make you speak jibberish and do stupid things. Lesson learned, well at least I hope so…

One more thing….Happy Birthday DAD!!!!

photo assignment: bboy type shoot

August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

So this week’s strobist assignment was pretty dope. It was pretty much a test shoot for more of a skater/bboy/athlete type photo shoot. The group got larger this week as well! We tried out a new spot and really at first just tried to see if we’d get kicked out, it ended up going so smoothly we all got to shoot/set up the lighting to our liking. It would have helped if we actually had someone that fit the profile, but we just shot with what we had. Maybe next time I’ll bust out some pre-2002 bboy freezes! hah! (i dont think that’ll ever happen). I used my newly acquired alien bee 22” beauty dish, and al’s new century stand+boom combo (which is next on my list of purchases). We used 4 lights, ab800 fill from above, 2 sb800’s from sides for rim, and sb900 up top for accent light.  The thing with these photowalks is mainly time. Some of the Canon guy’s  cameras were having a hard time focusing in the dark, I wasn’t having problems with that, my own eyesight was my enemy. I couldnt see where the rear sb900 was, and endedup with the flash as a specular highlight more than an accent for the person. (it kind of worked out in some photos though) anyways, every tuesday in the las vegas area we’ll be doing this.

one of eric, one of the photogs there and one of the set up below (photo credit to: al powers)

and a group shot from the night. photo edited by al powers.

dead on arrival

August 11, 2009 Leave a comment

so i’ve been pretty busy flipping upgrading gear lately, I finally added two sb800’s to my gearlist. Nikon’s CLS is to blame, as along with my buddy Al Powers.  Exactly a week ago was the revival of our weekly tuesday photo walks/excursions. We bring a few friends (other photogs) and try to do a creative lighting assignment each week.  Anyways, last week led us downtown. I’m sure as the weeks go by , the content will get better, as its a work in progress right now I think it went pretty well, and i’m looking foward to later on tonight! We used the “light on a stick” method with an umbrella bracket/shoot-through for most of the shots. Anyways,  onto the photos!

this one was a bit sketchy if i wanted to use it or not, it was a 1 second exposure, hence the shake/blur in the background. i think its just enough in focus to use it.

fremont st is always fun because random (drunk) people are always coming up and talking to you. in this case i was  “dude in blue” hahaha! apparently next guy wearing blue they wanted a picture with ::rolls eyes:: and here you have it.

that pic was taken by al, LOL. FML

heres a pic of mine of  the  d90 video of what just happened. LOL, playing in black and white lately.

and one of my favorites from the night. if only i focused on the girls expression/eyes rather than the creepy dude asking for money! This was probably my favorite because of the feeling you get, everyones disgusted/creeped out and i don’t have to really tell a story at all to get that feeling.

thats it for now! check back soon!


May 12, 2009 Leave a comment

I’ve been helping out/assisting a good friend Al Powers on a few photoshoots lately. The first was for Maxim’s Home town Hottie. The photo shoot was at Tao Night club at 10am. We shot about 4 looks, THESE ARE AL’s IMAGES btw. I think I’ve sold most of my canon gear by this point.


The next was a week later at the Palm’s Recording Studio. Wow that place is super baller! This is a hip hop artist/writer named Los Da Maestro. He was a pretty cool guy, this shot was amazing because we were strapped with time, and was lit with 2 speedlights.


Al’s helped me understand lighting a lot, hopefully I’ll start doing more models in the near future.

Redbull Feature!!

March 28, 2009 Leave a comment

So I’m pretty excited that my coverage from Redbull’s WDC got featured in the March issue of Modified Magazine! Thanks a lot to Mike Maez for making it happen!!


So I was asked to take bikini shots of a friend of a friend. I usually only shoot cars/events so I had a friend of mine tag along, Al Powers ( He brought out his Vagabond II, an ab1600 and photek softlighter. Between those a few light stands, 580exII’s and a shoot-through umbrella the results came out fantastic!!