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Formula D> Judgment Day!!

October 21, 2009 5 comments

I just drove back home to Las Vegas after a surprisingly hot weekend in Southern California! For the first time ever it got hotter on the drive to California, which led me to believe this weekend was going to be nuts! Lots of privateers in top 16 such as Michael Essa, Matt Powers and Las Vegas’ own Tommy Suell! I have to admit that this year of Formula D has by far been my favorite, literally anything can happen, and its a lot more exciting from a spectator’s POV. I have to thank FD for constantly raising the bar and keeping things interesting for sure! Congrats to Ryan Tuerk, Tyler McQuarrie, and Tanner Foust for Top 3 in that order! Also Chris Forsberg for the overall points champion of 2009 FD season!!

Heres one of Tommy Suell listening in on the drivers meeting!! Tommy was on some kind of crazy pills throughout the weekend because he was straight killing it throughout the weekend! He made it to top 16!! Tommy’s SR’d 86′ entry speeds were among the fastest in top 32!!

Heres Michael Essa sitting at the grid patiently waiting during top 32. His FC didn’t go home looking so pretty, but he put on a helluva show!
Outside of the pit area there were tons of cars at the show, but one that stood out by far was this quad rotor beast sitting at the APR-Performance booth. This car will be running in the Redline Unlimited Time Attack class!

First thing from afar that stood out was the huge fender flares, gt wing, stance and cage. upon further inspection its NA quad rotor sealed the deal!!!

This 370z stood out, as I think 370z’s are growing on me, and it also made me wonder when they will make an appearance in Formula D. Maybe someone will have one in 2010? Either way, I think these things look great, even though this thing needs to be slammed into the earth! (lower!)

Samuel Hubinette had his Dodge Viper wrapped in Shaun Carlson livery, and seriously never looked any better! He definitely got this thing done quick! There was also a short video of Shaun Carlson played “in memory of” before the main event! In this photo, a few repairs were being done on the Viper the night before the main event and gave the opportunity for this shot!

Another buddy of mine, Ireland’s own Eric O’Sullivan killing it during practice! One of many who suffered engine failure throughout the weekend, but still put on a show! I hope to see all the Irish guys’ bring the heat next year!! Notice the cast of South Park on the back window! Supposedly Matt Stone and Trey Parker were out in the crowd somewhere!!

Heres one for the privateers! One of Michael Essa KILLING IT! Hopefully we see them next year all next year.

Overall it was a great event and I had tons of fun! Can’t wait for next season!

::Brenton Ho


Convention month!

January 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Early in the month, Mike Bonnani contacted me to let me know his 350Z was back with a new look, and that he needed a static shot of it for a Dsport/Redline add. Heres the one they used IIRC.

This month was VERY busy for my work. All the corporate cats were in town for CES, and all the pervs for AVN. I went to both, does that make me? BTW, If you plan on going to AVN in the future, stay in the front. The further you go in, the worse it gets, from the fetish aisle from BBW to midget porn. It was absolutely terrible!!

this is where I spent most of my time, since it was a work related event.
I was playing with the 5d markII. heres ISO 6400! I know this is small, but the full version is still “wow”
then I turned around and saw this guy. Lucky me, I had a 5dII and 85L.

AVN: she was worth it. thats about all I can say about the show.

And as if the month wasn’t busy enough, that weekend there was a Just Drift event @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Decent turn out, hosted my pics for coverage.
It can be seen Here