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Just Drift Vegas!

May 25, 2009 2 comments

I’ve been slacking like crazy on post lately, probably due to the long hours at work and the desert HEAT!!!
this is straight out of the camera with the 200 f/2 AiS on a d300, (so really 300 f/2) It pretty much sums it up in my opinion. too bad it was shot at f/16, and not f/4 or even f/2 =(


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Convention month!

January 1, 2009 Leave a comment

Early in the month, Mike Bonnani contacted me to let me know his 350Z was back with a new look, and that he needed a static shot of it for a Dsport/Redline add. Heres the one they used IIRC.

This month was VERY busy for my work. All the corporate cats were in town for CES, and all the pervs for AVN. I went to both, does that make me? BTW, If you plan on going to AVN in the future, stay in the front. The further you go in, the worse it gets, from the fetish aisle from BBW to midget porn. It was absolutely terrible!!

this is where I spent most of my time, since it was a work related event.
I was playing with the 5d markII. heres ISO 6400! I know this is small, but the full version is still “wow”
then I turned around and saw this guy. Lucky me, I had a 5dII and 85L.

AVN: she was worth it. thats about all I can say about the show.

And as if the month wasn’t busy enough, that weekend there was a Just Drift event @ Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Decent turn out, hosted my pics for coverage.
It can be seen Here