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VD016 recap!

January 19, 2010 1 comment

Vegas drift had another successful event at the LVMS bullring parking lot. Not as many drivers as last time, but tons of track time. Good job to Nick Dizon and staff! Heres some images from the event, the rest can be found HERE

Two highlights, one of local videographer Joshua Herron who just released his 10:42 2009 Formula D recap! We had a after-drift event launch party for it! Definitely worth watching! check it out HERE

Second is a quick video from vd016 from Darin Ferraro, who runs APEXKINGS.COM and owns this beautiful GTR. I have a quick cameo in his video, listen for the heartbeat. Check that video out on youtube HERE

Thanks for checking up!




November 7, 2009 2 comments

The annual SEMA show took place Nov 2nd-6th here in good ol’ Las Vegas. I’ve been attending this show since (from what i can remember) my senior year of high school, which means this is my 7th year attending!! Obviously with the economy the show wasn’t as large as say 2 years ago, but had enough to keep most people interested!! I skipped the 4×4, car audio and whatever was in the North Hall from an outside glance looked like a mix of detailing products to knock-off 3rd party parts/accessories. (which I have no interest at all in) There were a few new announcements in Formula D such as Vegas will be end of august vs early July, NOS energy drink being the official FD energy drink for 2010, and promise of a 2010 RedBull World Drift Challenge! Vegas in August hopefully helps with the heat, but end of August isn’t THAT much different. Also new cars for the 2010 season!! Hankook made a KILLER debut of Conrad Grunewald.’s new 2010 Camaro and Robbie Nishida’s RWD converted VQ 2010 Nissan GTR!!!

Conrad Grunewald’s 2010 camaro above, and somewhere in the picture below is Robbie’s 2010 GTR and the lovely Janelle Ha.

Forrest Wang will be piloting a SC430 for Drift Emporium, and Michael Essa in a 08′ BMW 335i w/turbo M3 powerplant for GSR Autosport! 2009 seemed like the year for Nissan GTR’s and Chevy’s new Camaro! Wheel-wise, Volk’s G2 were on everything you could think of. I wish it had TE concave-look! It looks too much like a factory “touring/sport” upgrade. There were a handful of cars that stood out. Pagani’s full carbon fiber body Zonda-R was one for sure! We’re looking at over $1.5million USD!!

Also Lexus had a beautiful satin black LFA on display. This is Lexus’s built to order 10 cylinder 550 hp sex machine!

Mobil One had this beautiful twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo on display also sporting the matte/satin black!!

Rhys Millen Racing (RMR) had its mid-engine v8 Hyundai Genesis coupe on display. The fabrication work is top notch! Whats neat about this is that the front firewall has not been modified! Does this mean we might be able to see this in FD one day!? I wouldn’t count on it!

SEMA to a lot of people (including myself) usually means tons of walking, and tons of drinking! All I know is that I’m glad its finally over!! I had tons of fun, and would like to thank all the people I was with for making it one of the more enjoyable SEMA shows to date!!

I ended up shooting more models this time around because I usually don’t for some reason. Hmm….I’m not sure why, but I did shoot the entire show with flash, and I think I liked the results way more than last years set.

anyways…thats the last one! Thanks for checking out my blog, leaving a comment would be nice!! =)

Formula D> Judgment Day!!

October 21, 2009 5 comments

I just drove back home to Las Vegas after a surprisingly hot weekend in Southern California! For the first time ever it got hotter on the drive to California, which led me to believe this weekend was going to be nuts! Lots of privateers in top 16 such as Michael Essa, Matt Powers and Las Vegas’ own Tommy Suell! I have to admit that this year of Formula D has by far been my favorite, literally anything can happen, and its a lot more exciting from a spectator’s POV. I have to thank FD for constantly raising the bar and keeping things interesting for sure! Congrats to Ryan Tuerk, Tyler McQuarrie, and Tanner Foust for Top 3 in that order! Also Chris Forsberg for the overall points champion of 2009 FD season!!

Heres one of Tommy Suell listening in on the drivers meeting!! Tommy was on some kind of crazy pills throughout the weekend because he was straight killing it throughout the weekend! He made it to top 16!! Tommy’s SR’d 86′ entry speeds were among the fastest in top 32!!

Heres Michael Essa sitting at the grid patiently waiting during top 32. His FC didn’t go home looking so pretty, but he put on a helluva show!
Outside of the pit area there were tons of cars at the show, but one that stood out by far was this quad rotor beast sitting at the APR-Performance booth. This car will be running in the Redline Unlimited Time Attack class!

First thing from afar that stood out was the huge fender flares, gt wing, stance and cage. upon further inspection its NA quad rotor sealed the deal!!!

This 370z stood out, as I think 370z’s are growing on me, and it also made me wonder when they will make an appearance in Formula D. Maybe someone will have one in 2010? Either way, I think these things look great, even though this thing needs to be slammed into the earth! (lower!)

Samuel Hubinette had his Dodge Viper wrapped in Shaun Carlson livery, and seriously never looked any better! He definitely got this thing done quick! There was also a short video of Shaun Carlson played “in memory of” before the main event! In this photo, a few repairs were being done on the Viper the night before the main event and gave the opportunity for this shot!

Another buddy of mine, Ireland’s own Eric O’Sullivan killing it during practice! One of many who suffered engine failure throughout the weekend, but still put on a show! I hope to see all the Irish guys’ bring the heat next year!! Notice the cast of South Park on the back window! Supposedly Matt Stone and Trey Parker were out in the crowd somewhere!!

Heres one for the privateers! One of Michael Essa KILLING IT! Hopefully we see them next year all next year.

Overall it was a great event and I had tons of fun! Can’t wait for next season!

::Brenton Ho

Formula D Irwindale day 1

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Its a lot hotter in California than I thought it’d be! today on track it was about 93 with some humidity. Thats pretty unbearable, coming from dry 80s in las vegas! After noon came along and was much better for everone! Check out, I’ll be doing live updates through there all day tomorrow. Today will be interesting to shoot. Can’t wait for some tandem action!!

Sam’s viper’s looking its best ever with some shaun carlson livery

D-Mac killing it on his first qualifying run! He was killing it in practice and had a little mishap the day before, but he’s looking good out there like nothing ever happened!!

JTP/Justin Pawlak had probably the best runs consistently all day long! his car sounds pretty amazing thats for sure!!

and good luck to Ross Petty, from my understanding he blew his 2.2L SR, and ran it on 3 cylinders during qualifying and placed! His team stayed up all night and put together a stock sr with cams and turbo setup. Hopefully he can keep up with all the v8’s!!!

these are just a few images, please check out for live updates!!

Too High to Die!!

July 11, 2009 Leave a comment

Day 1 wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was hot, but bearable compared to last year for sure. Lots of action happened throughout the day. Its fun to always see how crowds grow over the years, and to see who it attracts. The stands were packed throughout the day. I must say the media spots we had were pretty poor compared to previous FD events. The biggest highlight of the day was Vaughn Gitten Jr (JR) smashing into the K-rail and from it looks like demolishing his 2010 Falken Tire Mustang, and later driving it during qualifying and placing 19th (top 32 is starting later today) His team sure did do some magic getting it back together and driving straight. So happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got a few shots. Check out the 2nd picture, the coilover spring mid air. Go JR!!!




April events

April 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Its Round one of Formula D, in Streets of Long Beach!! There are a lot of new drivers, new vehicles and new sponsors for the 2009 season!! I’m really hoping Eric O’sullivan, Matt Powers, Tommy Suell and Michael Essa do well this season! Other than that Boso’s new rasta s15 looks amazing in action, T.Faust’s scion is questionable, Rhys got eliminated in the first round in his new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and poor Tommy, Ueo wrecked into him during practice thanks to poor flaggers on the track. This year its top 32 tandem and it made it 100x better!


The following weekend was VegasDrift 011 @ Buffalo Bills Casino (Primm, NV) It was great that the Arizona folks made it out. (George and Chase). George’s new LS1 FC is boner-town! It was a great event, but unfortunately I had to leave early due to work. Oh well that’s life!


Redbull Feature!!

March 28, 2009 Leave a comment

So I’m pretty excited that my coverage from Redbull’s WDC got featured in the March issue of Modified Magazine! Thanks a lot to Mike Maez for making it happen!!


So I was asked to take bikini shots of a friend of a friend. I usually only shoot cars/events so I had a friend of mine tag along, Al Powers ( He brought out his Vagabond II, an ab1600 and photek softlighter. Between those a few light stands, 580exII’s and a shoot-through umbrella the results came out fantastic!!