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Red Bull World Drift Challenge

November 17, 2008 Leave a comment

This weekend, I shot the first round of Redbull’s World Drift Challenge which was hosted by Formula D. It was two days of epic drifting, one of the largest tracks ever (100+mph entries), first day was full of crashes during ProAm Qualifying and 2nd day was the main event. There were 32 drivers from 12 nations across the world, so it wasn’t your run of the mill drift day. While the event was nothing short of amazing, we had burning tires in the air with a mix of million dollar homes, thanks to California’s never ending fire problem, definitely not the healthiest place to be, but I don’t think there was anywhere else I’d want to be. Let me first off say that it was just amazing to hear/see Mad Mike’s quad rotor FD, and Ueo’s GANGSTER entries. seriously Ueo vs Dai Yoshihara was an amazing tandem battle. anyways, heres a few pics from my flickr.

world drift challenge