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January 12, 2010 1 comment

HAH!! This was a really cool last minute shoot with OLD friends Justin and Aries. We used to jam in my backyard back in 1999? (NSB!) OLD SCHOOL.

Anyways, I ran into both of them at the gym I go to a few months back, and set this up 4pm on a Sunday! This was a test shoot, I knew what kind of light I wanted, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too harsh. A large photoflex softbox and 46″ silver umbrella were used in a cross-light setup. Hopefully we’ll set up a proper shoot at a better location with more of the old homies!

Unfortunately, my White-lightning X1600 was being a POS, so I had to use an X800 and alien bee B1600. The WLX1600 is out for repair, hopefully it won’t cost too much!! I already miss it dearly!

Most of these shots were manual focused, it was dark, no ambient light, just a spot lamp from the building we were at. I can’t wait to do the real shoot later hopefully this month. All of our schedules are out of control lately. Just posting an update!!


“muchacha sucia”

August 31, 2009 2 comments

“dirty girl”  is all in reference to the “grungy laundromat themed photoshoot” that I did with local photographer. Anyways, this was a last minute shoot that sounded like something I’d like to do. It consisted of 2 make up artists, 4 girls and 2 photogs. It was a really cool theme, anyways, I’m happy with it, I’ve been playing a lot more in Lightroom 2 as well. Lighting was pretty simple I used a ab800 camera right 1/4 power in a 54″ photek softliter, and sb800 for a rim at about 50mm 1/8 to 1/16th power. I wish i had a set of grids during this shoot, so much that when I got home I ordered a set of 7″ grids for my alienbees, and a 22″grid for my beauty dish for next shoot!!

don’t mind the edits, I thought they were suiting to the location/grungyness of the image. kind of went for that desaturated/bump in contrast “pin up style” edit.

and lastly heres molly kaiser, i actually took a setup shot of this one which i’m proud of since i usually pack up with the quickness and leave!

heres the setup shot: btw, voice activated light stand only used for this shot, i thought it would be like extra eye candy! =P

on a more personal note, I had a pretty big oral surgery the morning after the shoot, and well i’m now minus one wisdom tooth, and 2 problematic teeth, and minus a little bit of bone from my jaw……sounds fun right? If a dentist tells you, you might need a bone graft? that means you might be SOL, and in for a crap ton of pain. just a little random FYI….

more updates coming! check back soon!!!

photo assignment: bboy type shoot

August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

So this week’s strobist assignment was pretty dope. It was pretty much a test shoot for more of a skater/bboy/athlete type photo shoot. The group got larger this week as well! We tried out a new spot and really at first just tried to see if we’d get kicked out, it ended up going so smoothly we all got to shoot/set up the lighting to our liking. It would have helped if we actually had someone that fit the profile, but we just shot with what we had. Maybe next time I’ll bust out some pre-2002 bboy freezes! hah! (i dont think that’ll ever happen). I used my newly acquired alien bee 22” beauty dish, and al’s new century stand+boom combo (which is next on my list of purchases). We used 4 lights, ab800 fill from above, 2 sb800’s from sides for rim, and sb900 up top for accent light.  The thing with these photowalks is mainly time. Some of the Canon guy’s  cameras were having a hard time focusing in the dark, I wasn’t having problems with that, my own eyesight was my enemy. I couldnt see where the rear sb900 was, and endedup with the flash as a specular highlight more than an accent for the person. (it kind of worked out in some photos though) anyways, every tuesday in the las vegas area we’ll be doing this.

one of eric, one of the photogs there and one of the set up below (photo credit to: al powers)

and a group shot from the night. photo edited by al powers.