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Local Nick Dizon told me a few pics I snapped of his car were featured on this site. Another local Mello did the write up! Mello has a s13 drift car and dumped LS that i’d like to shoot as well, very cool!



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dope vid from josh. check out his stuff at


July 15, 2009 1 comment

I’m out in Hanalei, Kauai right now. I’m at the home my father grew up in, and its quite the opposite of what i’m used too. I’m used to being in A/C all day or the blistering Las Vegas heat, I’m now in constant rain, sticky, damp weather with no AC! I’m as confused as a girl having her first period! On the other hand, I’ve been super busy with family out here, but I still managed to make time to take some pictures. We had about 90 people attend my grandfather’s funeral, and food for more than that. (pics to come later of the food!) heres a few snaps i’ve managed to take so far out here.

hanalei pier

hanalei shore

wind surfing

Too High to Die!!

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Day 1 wasn’t as bad as I expected. It was hot, but bearable compared to last year for sure. Lots of action happened throughout the day. Its fun to always see how crowds grow over the years, and to see who it attracts. The stands were packed throughout the day. I must say the media spots we had were pretty poor compared to previous FD events. The biggest highlight of the day was Vaughn Gitten Jr (JR) smashing into the K-rail and from it looks like demolishing his 2010 Falken Tire Mustang, and later driving it during qualifying and placing 19th (top 32 is starting later today) His team sure did do some magic getting it back together and driving straight. So happened to be in the right place at the right time, and got a few shots. Check out the 2nd picture, the coilover spring mid air. Go JR!!!




the biz…..

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so..i got new insurance today on all my gear, and over the last few weeks i’ve been trading some gear around, and getting my “on location” stuff locked in. I feel somewhat accomplished. Lennon Franz @ DorkiDori Clothing Company hooked me up with a new business card that was long overdue. He does great work, and if you need cards or t-shirts hit him up. Formula D is this weekend here in blistering hot las vegas. I’ll be out there shooting as usual. As soon as FD is over, I’ll be flying out to Hawaii again so I’ll be MIA for a bit. I’ll try to keep everything updated while i’m there.

heres a pic of the new cards!


heres random picture from last night! and check out the new profile pic on my “about” section @ courtesy of al powers.

meat sandwich


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With my work/school schedule, shooting at optimal times is hard for me. I shoot whenever I can fit it in, and portable power is a must. I usually have at least 3 speedlights on me at a time, but I decided for the next 2 cars to use 2 AB800’s and my Vagabond II (portable power pack).

Virtual Works Racing is a local shop that does all fabrication in house. From intake/turbo manifolds to roll cages, to one off suspension parts. A good friend of mine, Juddi Lin is working on updating their website/myspace page and long time friend with the shop owner. The supra shown below is shop owner Dana Westover’s daily driver. Dana puts out some of the fastest and cleanest drag supra’s on the west coast. You might recognize his drag supra which is the blue mkiv on the bfgoodrich ads that are still in print. Anyways, 850+ hp, daily driven, stock interior with roll bar/door bars. Thought I’d work on my lighting. I actually want to shoot some of their manifolds for fun some day. Their work there is top notch!


I shot this car later that day. This is Nick Dizon’s daily driven Nissan 350z. Fresh from the paint shop with brand new Origin aero. Nick is the owner of the vegasdrift website, and in charge of all their SICK local events. He’s also throwing the vegas pro am for formula d vegas. check it out if you didnt see the flyer a few posts back at I wish we had these monthly events when I was still driving. It’s actually hard to go to one of his events and not give in and buy a missile car to destroy at the local jams.

nicks 350

Forrest Wang so happened to be in town, with his new daily driven s14, and met up during the photoshoot. I did grab a few pics, not my best rig shot, but this was the widest i had on me at the time (Tamron 17-35 on D300). I ended up having problems with that lens copy, and had to actually swap it out for another one. Quality control is a problem across the board it seems no matter what company. heres one of the quick edits. congrats to forrest for 3rd place during D1 Anaheim!


On another note… I really need to up my game, I think my job/school/personal life really conflicts with shooting, and I need to maybe challenge myself more. I think I might do a weekly photo challenge to keep this blog healthy. (after my 2nd trip to hawaii july 12-22) Check for updates from there as well. If I could get more cars featured places that would be nice as well….hmm…..lots to do..