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Downtown to Funky Town!

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

So today I decided to go downtown with local videographer/friend Joshua Herron ( to take a some stills. I brought only my d700 and Rokinon 85f/1.4 manual focus lens. Natural light+Manual focus is not really me, but today had a cool glow coming through the clouds that made it work out just enough! I actually knew what kind of “look” I wanted prior to going there, and these are almost spot on what I had pictured earlier. It makes shooting so much easier going out there knowing what you want!
On to the next one, heres a snap of big JH!

and a few random shots I found interesting. This picture is kind of spooky, it has that New York look/feel to it.

I usually don’t like to give out locations, but this spot has been whored up so much already, here it is. I actually thought of monster energy drink when i saw this.

Some random fruit and straws lined up on the ground. Coincidence? Maybe. I doubt someone would be that bored though.

I really enjoyed the photo-walk today which was ended with a Bento-Plate at The Cal to top off an already good day! The look and feel are consistent throughout the set, and I realized manual focusing calms me down and makes me compose better.


VD016 recap!

January 19, 2010 1 comment

Vegas drift had another successful event at the LVMS bullring parking lot. Not as many drivers as last time, but tons of track time. Good job to Nick Dizon and staff! Heres some images from the event, the rest can be found HERE

Two highlights, one of local videographer Joshua Herron who just released his 10:42 2009 Formula D recap! We had a after-drift event launch party for it! Definitely worth watching! check it out HERE

Second is a quick video from vd016 from Darin Ferraro, who runs APEXKINGS.COM and owns this beautiful GTR. I have a quick cameo in his video, listen for the heartbeat. Check that video out on youtube HERE

Thanks for checking up!



January 12, 2010 1 comment

HAH!! This was a really cool last minute shoot with OLD friends Justin and Aries. We used to jam in my backyard back in 1999? (NSB!) OLD SCHOOL.

Anyways, I ran into both of them at the gym I go to a few months back, and set this up 4pm on a Sunday! This was a test shoot, I knew what kind of light I wanted, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too harsh. A large photoflex softbox and 46″ silver umbrella were used in a cross-light setup. Hopefully we’ll set up a proper shoot at a better location with more of the old homies!

Unfortunately, my White-lightning X1600 was being a POS, so I had to use an X800 and alien bee B1600. The WLX1600 is out for repair, hopefully it won’t cost too much!! I already miss it dearly!

Most of these shots were manual focused, it was dark, no ambient light, just a spot lamp from the building we were at. I can’t wait to do the real shoot later hopefully this month. All of our schedules are out of control lately. Just posting an update!!


January 8, 2010 5 comments

Vegas Drift had its VD016 Pre-tech inspection on Thursday night at Garage Vegas. Garage Vegas is something special to the Las Vegas drifting community because its a place that they can go and have seasoned veterans point them in the right direction. Garage Vegas started as partnership between drivers who just needed a place to build and work on cars like their owns. Vegas Drift’s own Mello, who’s had his share of VIP rides to 240’s, and Pro-am driver Shawn Coward, and Formula D/D1 USA champ Forrest Wang. It just snapped one morning, that working under a car port or out of a storage unit is just not cutting it anymore. They have all the tools and the knowledge to get the job done, and very very clean work at that. When you walk into Garage Vegas, you see cars with full cages, tubbed fenders, stitch-welded chassis and gussets galore. Another thing I noticed was how somebody there really loves to weld. From the work benches, racks, and even a grind rail for bmx/skating after hours. Not a bad gig they got going over there!

The hottest thing there were Forrest Wang’s new “Wangles” which are cut-shortened spindles for that extra-gangsta angle! Check out a set on his s14. Project Mu disc brakes are absolutely ridiculous. Oh, for the photography guys, Sigma 15mm Fish + sb900 on cam sb800 off cam. I liked this shot a lot!

I thought the brake calipers were HUGE on those, then across the garage is “wang-mobile #2” with these ENDLESS calipers. These cars are so money!! These are what every s-chassis owner would dream of having!! I remember seeing Forrest’s BN s14 for the first time and being blown away especially from a driver with no major backings. +1 for the privateers!!

Here’s motor shot of Shawn’s almost finished 2010 rebuild. Lots of chrome, anodized blue, and pearl white overwhelming the engine bay. Kind of makes this fisheye shot legit because it can throw you off if you stare at it too long!!

And lastly, one more of Forrest’s s14.5’s engine bay, (it seems like this is a Forrest Wang feature by now but I assure you it’s not, that’s maybe later in the future!) This pictures funny to me because the sticker “SNAFU” (which is a bmx accy company) just kept making me think of ZT’s “BASTFU”! (sorry if you don’t get it, you probably failed!)

Lots of grilling, drinking, good times at Garage Vegas. Everyone passed tech got a “VD POSITIVE” sticker, which in its own is just awesome. Thanks guys!

You’re my boy Blue!!

January 5, 2010 2 comments

GEARWHORE. It’s a term I’ve used to describe myself on numerous occasions, no matter what it applies to! I’ve recently made a huge gear change-up over the last 2 weeks upgrading strobes to consolidating lenses (sorta). Adding a macro and fish-eye to my pelican case should prove itself handy I’m sure! I also sold my 2006 YZ125 today. I’ve had this thing up for sale for quite some time. I actually got really close to my asking price, which was worth the wait. The buyer drove from San Jose overnight! I can’t explain how happy I am its out of the garage, but I’m going to miss it. I now have 0 things related to any type of motorsport or fun on 2 or 4 wheels, that’s pretty depressing, seeing as most of this started from my addiction of racing (pre-heart and asthma complications!) In my head I keep telling myself I need things like studio space (which I’m currently working on), figure out how much longer I’ll call Las Vegas home, and clearing up remaining debt, more importantly what I’m going to be doing career wise, I’m not getting any younger!

Anyways, when I realized I have nothing left connecting me to the automotive “scene” out here besides my photography, it threw me off a bit. Is this goodbye? not quite sure yet honestly, my outlook on photography is pointed in a completely different direction now, and I’m not sure if I’ll shoot the FD events this year like I planned on. Long Beach, Irwindale and Vegas will probably be the only ones due to location, but its also because the people and the “feel” of the event that I love. A lot of people ask me when I’m building another car, or why I don’t go for a ride-along at the local events. Its simply feeding temptation, and getting stuck into that “racing is an addiction only cured by poverty” square. I don’t believe in modding a street car because its just too much to worry about in Sin City, I’d rather have a full blown race car, truck and trailer, and there’s just no room in my life for any of that. Back to the “Maybe in the future” remark I say too often! Anyways, this post was for my bike, you’ll be missed! You’re my boy BLUE!!!