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Painting with Light

September 18, 2009 4 comments

So….there has been an abundance of  automotive fluorescent lighting threads using constant light sources, strip lights, and other types of baller lighting gear.  I was curious to see what kind of results could be had with LED light sources and fluorescent tubes  (stuff i have at home), but first I needed a car!  I called up Nick Dizon from Vegasdrift because well, simply he has the cleanest Z in town, and he’s usually down for stuff like this! Plus his car is black, and lets get real, shooting black cars at night isn’t always the easiest to do…(reflections are killer and lighting setup is different than other color cars…at least for me) so this would be the perfect choice! All I used was a portable power supply (could be replaced by a location with a wall socket) and a craftsman 2′ fluorescent garage work tube. I did a test pass with the LED’s and was not a fan, maybe if you light it from behind the cameras POV, but theres no point really and rather bust out the speedlites.

I tried all different types of passes on the car, just to see how it would result, and see what I liked/disliked, just an FYI, the final shot i’m going to post was about 25 seconds long, and I made about 4 passes on the car. I also took a still image w/out lights and used to the background for a composite in case I left a light trail somehwere (which I did) Later that night I came to a conclusion doing a composite  of each pass would probably be the best/time efficient. you can really get the type of highlights you’re looking for by doing so, just don’t plan on having a huge set, with this type of lighting, so shoot some off during daylight if you’re looking for more than one picture!

here is one of the first sets that we did, lots of harsh reflections in the body and uneven fluoro, this was  due to time, I didn’t know what to expect and these were the results.

This one was worth the night in my opinion.

Overall, I had a great time trying this out, and think the results are pretty cool for what little equipment was needed. This is something that anyone with a DSLR, a tripod and some garage work fluorescent lights can do, which is pretty awesome.  Yes the picture isn’t perfect and completely to my standards, as the front/rear bumpers lose detail at the bottom, but its not bad in my opinion for starters. I will probably work on this a little bit more, add a few things, try multiple light sources, etc. but don’t expect a “how-to” then!



September 17, 2009 1 comment

So a few months ago I submitted a photo to Import Tuner’s LONGSHOTS just for kicks, and to my surprise I got photo of the month for November 2009!!! Which is really awesome! (Thanks Clint!) The last 2 months I wasn’t very motivated at all w/shooting anything automotive related. I’ve been busy with school, work and more interested in working on other parts of my portfolio that is somewhat “lacking”. So this was kind of a bit of motivation to keep shooting, and I think my next blog post will be really cool. I did a quick test shoot last night with a budget fluro setup and it worked relatively decent! anyways, one photo for now! I also switched more gear around, sold my tammy 17-35 for a tokina 17mm f/3.5 which hopefully i can test tomorrow.  More updates soon!

Shooting for the sake of movement….

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment

A local photographer called me up asking if I wanted to check out a VW he was gonna shoot, and agreed I could fire off a few clicks as well. Its always a good thing to have a few heads while shooting on location in the middle of nowhere, I prefer it, if your friend has his CCW, even better. Anyways the R32’s owners name is Chris, and he’s moving out to texas and wanted to shoot his car before he leaves. Its dumped on some 17×8.5/17×9 BBS RS meshies, with 205’s stretched on them. They were losing light pretty quickly so I snapped about 10 frames in under 10 minutes with setup/breakdown. I really was burnt out by then and set up 2 sb800’s at about 1/32nd 6ft away from the car on each side.  Heres some images from the shoot. I wasn’t sure I was going to post this, but I figure this kind of makes up for the lack of updates.

no pics of the front because the front license bracket was still on, and i’m not a fan of the OEM silver grill, it needs to be color matched or black IMO

on another note: My face isn’t swollen anymore post dental surgery, and i can almost eat solid foods again!! thats the biggest highlight so far.  I think I prefer shooting dancers, models, than shooting cars. I need constant inspiration!

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Rouge Revisited

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

So there was another showing of “Rouge” around midnight (thursday), and I for some reason couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d edit a few and throw them up on here. I’ve been playing a lot more with my editing, trying new things if you will. These girls have a lot of talent, and the word is they get picked up by PURE ENTERTAINMENT, that would be sooo good for them!

For some reason the more I look at these images, the more i think the edit suits this burlesque look/feel.  One thing I like about the show is just the “sexy while having fun” vibe the girls give off. The dancing/choreography of it is just great, its crazy how it’s a privately funded show.

It’s that time where I get ready for work now. Yay me, SRSLY. Some camera info below! Wish me luck! and leave me a comment!!!

For camera guys, this was shot with a new lens, Nikons 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX which is meant for their crop (DX) bodies but it works pretty well on full frame (FX) w/out cropping. at f/1.8-2.8 there is slight vignetting that can be fixed in post, but I kind of like the look. It seems to focus faster than my 50 f/1.8AF-D, and wasn’t much more. Anyways, heres 3 pics that I chose pretty quickly. I had 4 but now that I look at the 4th, the editing is kind of off compared to the set. I think I really should have slept instead. Most of these were shot bare lens, ISO 3200!! f/1.8-2.2, mainly around 1/250th.