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February 18, 2010 Leave a comment

heres one from this current weekly issue of Vegas Seven magazine. This was the grand opening of the Cavalli store in Crystals, City center. Check it out on local news stands! I’ll try to keep this blog updated I promise!

added this one just so i didnt have to post 2 tearsheet posts back to back. This is march’s 1st week issue. This was at for Creative Recreation at Scoop NYC in the forum shops.


City Center Revisited

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

So after all the grand opening craziness I decided to walk around at a “to my leisure” pace, to revisit some things I saw the weekend prior. I recently acquired a 14-24 f/2.8G lens, and my god what lens that is. Unfortunately I think I will be getting rid of it and replacing it with a fisheye. A lot of it is repeat focal length, and it cannot accept filters in the range of my budget. This is just too expensive of a “specialty” lens to let it sit in my pelican case. Anyways, I love the edge to edge sharpness and color accuracy it produces, and the front element of this thing is to die for!! Anyways, I knew of a few places that I wanted to shoot wide (14-16mm focal length) and hit them up before I forgot.
Doesn’t this look like its almost pulling you forward? The 14-24 is stellar here!

It has the same effect on these gorgeous set of stairs inside of Crystals. I tried to shoot this with my 24-70G, but instantly knew I had to come back with the 14-24G lens.

Here’s one of the escalators outside. (the tone goes well I think)

This one is one of my favorites, it has a real industrial look to it, but its smack in the middle of city center. You can see Aria at the corner of the glass.

One of inside the hotel. The camera tilt works on this one. I love the shapes in this one, everything is so symmetrical but when shot that wide it has a really cool look to it.

Hope you enjoyed these! I had a lot of fun with these if you could tell. Hopefully I can keep my blog a little more up to date. That once a week didn’t really work so well this year.

ARIA @ City Center

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

Last week was the official opening of ARIA at City Center. Aria has state-of-the-art technology oozing everywhere from architecture and design down to gaming and hotel air circulation. I was lucky enough to have a press pass on opening day and got to go on a few media-tours and cover the Grand Opening Press release! I’ll talk about a few cool features you probably won’t see/hear about just walking into Aria. Every slot machine is LED based and touch screen, making it more efficient for the user and environmentally friendly. Each gaming base (what the slot machines sit on) are ventilated and pump out filtered air 24/7 keeping Aria cool and fresh. The new LED based slot machines don’t produce anywhere near the amount of heat that normal slot machines produce, so A/C usage is down as well. Check out the sinks/faucets all around Aria as well, over 10,000 custom units made from Low-Flo that use 30% less water!!
This is a view of the “porte cochere” or valet from the outside taken at night.

Also, Aria is Valet only, so if you don’t want to pay, there is a “people mover”/tram available that takes you from the Bellagio, and Mandaly Bay to Crystals which is the retail and shopping center. Picture of said “People mover”

During the Press Conference, there were a ton of Aria labeled products just laying around the desserts, (which were amazing and free!!) and I thought they were perfect to shoot and use for fillers. There was this huge stack of towels behind the media stand, not really sure what for, but its presence made for a decent shot!

and one of said desserts! (organic yogurt parfait for the win!) the granola had a touch of honey in it that was a pleasant surprise! It was kind of funny seeing the empty cups, I don’t think anyone could get that blueberry on the bottom out!!!!

along with the exotic desserts, came exotic floral displays. Orchids and other exotic flowers just everywhere making the Aria almost sensory overload!

I have another set of photos, so check back soon for part 2!!