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no sleep for the wicked

October 31, 2009 Leave a comment

so I started shooting nightlife recently because it was something I’ve always been curious of shooting, and what better opportunity than here in Las Vegas right?! Between that and the full time job, I’ve had barely any sleep/time to myself however, Halloween is crazy, SEMA starts Tuesday, ahhhh…. Halloween is going to be a crazy night I guarantee! Anyways, this is a quick post, showing I’m alive and not abandoning ship!

Heres a shot that would be way too edgy for the site I’m shooting for. Tonight was Vanilla Ice’s birthday @ Studio54, and…well…he performed “ice ice baby” and “go ninja go ninja go!” from TMNT!!!! holy flash back. he’s actually really nice in person too! had a quick chat after the show. pretty effin cool!!! I’m enjoying it so far!

now off to my full time job! I can’t wait for my “in between jobs” nap!!!


Formula D> Judgment Day!!

October 21, 2009 5 comments

I just drove back home to Las Vegas after a surprisingly hot weekend in Southern California! For the first time ever it got hotter on the drive to California, which led me to believe this weekend was going to be nuts! Lots of privateers in top 16 such as Michael Essa, Matt Powers and Las Vegas’ own Tommy Suell! I have to admit that this year of Formula D has by far been my favorite, literally anything can happen, and its a lot more exciting from a spectator’s POV. I have to thank FD for constantly raising the bar and keeping things interesting for sure! Congrats to Ryan Tuerk, Tyler McQuarrie, and Tanner Foust for Top 3 in that order! Also Chris Forsberg for the overall points champion of 2009 FD season!!

Heres one of Tommy Suell listening in on the drivers meeting!! Tommy was on some kind of crazy pills throughout the weekend because he was straight killing it throughout the weekend! He made it to top 16!! Tommy’s SR’d 86′ entry speeds were among the fastest in top 32!!

Heres Michael Essa sitting at the grid patiently waiting during top 32. His FC didn’t go home looking so pretty, but he put on a helluva show!
Outside of the pit area there were tons of cars at the show, but one that stood out by far was this quad rotor beast sitting at the APR-Performance booth. This car will be running in the Redline Unlimited Time Attack class!

First thing from afar that stood out was the huge fender flares, gt wing, stance and cage. upon further inspection its NA quad rotor sealed the deal!!!

This 370z stood out, as I think 370z’s are growing on me, and it also made me wonder when they will make an appearance in Formula D. Maybe someone will have one in 2010? Either way, I think these things look great, even though this thing needs to be slammed into the earth! (lower!)

Samuel Hubinette had his Dodge Viper wrapped in Shaun Carlson livery, and seriously never looked any better! He definitely got this thing done quick! There was also a short video of Shaun Carlson played “in memory of” before the main event! In this photo, a few repairs were being done on the Viper the night before the main event and gave the opportunity for this shot!

Another buddy of mine, Ireland’s own Eric O’Sullivan killing it during practice! One of many who suffered engine failure throughout the weekend, but still put on a show! I hope to see all the Irish guys’ bring the heat next year!! Notice the cast of South Park on the back window! Supposedly Matt Stone and Trey Parker were out in the crowd somewhere!!

Heres one for the privateers! One of Michael Essa KILLING IT! Hopefully we see them next year all next year.

Overall it was a great event and I had tons of fun! Can’t wait for next season!

::Brenton Ho

Formula D Irwindale day 1

October 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Its a lot hotter in California than I thought it’d be! today on track it was about 93 with some humidity. Thats pretty unbearable, coming from dry 80s in las vegas! After noon came along and was much better for everone! Check out, I’ll be doing live updates through there all day tomorrow. Today will be interesting to shoot. Can’t wait for some tandem action!!

Sam’s viper’s looking its best ever with some shaun carlson livery

D-Mac killing it on his first qualifying run! He was killing it in practice and had a little mishap the day before, but he’s looking good out there like nothing ever happened!!

JTP/Justin Pawlak had probably the best runs consistently all day long! his car sounds pretty amazing thats for sure!!

and good luck to Ross Petty, from my understanding he blew his 2.2L SR, and ran it on 3 cylinders during qualifying and placed! His team stayed up all night and put together a stock sr with cams and turbo setup. Hopefully he can keep up with all the v8’s!!!

these are just a few images, please check out for live updates!!

Dave’s LS

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Wanted to do an entry on a quick shoot i did today. It was more of an equipment test, I was testing out my new automotive rig that I had custom built last week at a metal shop out here in Vegas, I also was testing out a new Tokina 17mm prime. It does fairly decent on full frame sensors, the vignetting is caused by stacking of filters. Overall I’m very impressed with the new setup, and can’t wait to start shooting more cars now!

and one of the rear

I still have one more post from a shoot i did not too long ago as well. This weekend I’ll be shooting Formula D’s Final Round out at Irwindale Speedway. I can’t wait! good friends, good food, and overall a good time! things are looking up!

on a personal note: just got hooked on true blood. hence 3am post

dolls n laundry pt 2

October 10, 2009 Leave a comment

It took a little bit longer than wanted to actually have these photos up. I ended up having to get my own model release forms filled, and ended up going with a different edit than the original ones I posted up previously. Please check out the blog post “muchacha sucia” as I updated photos there. I had a problem with the original ones I edited. Hopefully Enjoly and the the girls enjoy these, I look forward to working with her on future projects.
this one of Corina was one of my favorites, its got a dramatic feel to it vs the others

another of faith

and one of jenna, she also works at hypnotic with enjoly, and has a great attitude! all very nice people for sure!

So Formula D Irwindale “Final Round” is coming up, and I cannot wait! I also did a shoot of a local buddy’s car out here. Shot it with natural light and with strobes, figuring out what i’m going to do with the set at the moment. I also took delivery of my custom built rig =P. I can’t wait to test it out, too bad the last car i shot has carbon everything and a flat black roof!! i dont want to risk anything at the moment, might just have to use it on a different car!!

VegasDrift14 @ Nellis AFB

October 2, 2009 Leave a comment

Vegasdrift014 was at nellis air force base this time around. Awesome for drivers, 2 tracks (one mocked like FD vegas, and one as wsir’s balcony). You’ll notice I barely took any pics of cars drifting, I hate how media meetings are super early, and people aren’t killing it until noon or later. I think I stuck around until 1130? One thing about this event for drivers, you get TONS of track time, it made me wish I drove still. Speaking of which, I actually was backing up my PC as I’m slowly collecting pieces to upgrade to a way better/faster/windows 7 based system when I found some PIR (phoenix international raceway) videos from US DRIFT events that I attended, boy did that take me back! dg trial stickers, daily driven drift cars, fno1rc’s when they were new, blair’s bass boat!

Nothing really new besides just planning for future shoots. I’ve been location scouting almsot every chance I get and have some dope spots for the future. I do have a few more edits of the laundromat that i’ll be posting up in a few days, but for now, heres a few pics I took from nellis. I spent the little time I was there shooting with ND filters, and it gave the images the awesome tone it has straight out of camera. I actually like it a lot, I just need to shoot more next time. I also actually had my first goomba/lurker photographer following me at the track for the first time ever, trying to get the same shot I did, or trying to ruin every shot by standing by every car I walked passed in the pits on the opposite side, he wasn’t slick at all about it, I think I waited almost 5 minutes for this dude to move but decided it wasnt worth it. So yeah, I have no action shots……its okay though because the local vd photographer was there and coverage from wrecked and motormavens were there as well.
On a side note, today didn’t feel like Las Vegas at all, the weather has been really cool and I can’t wait for snowboard season!

and one of josh herron, local videographer. He was driving, and actually one a “longest slide” competition they had later in the day! so dope! i liked the background/comp of this picture. no homo!

I have a new automotive rig being built right now, and I can’t wait. Also, I’ve made the switch from photoshop CS3->CS4 and CS4 is AMAZING. I think my CS3 was in due for an update, but CS4 just overall works better!