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Painting with Light

September 18, 2009 4 comments

So….there has been an abundance of  automotive fluorescent lighting threads using constant light sources, strip lights, and other types of baller lighting gear.  I was curious to see what kind of results could be had with LED light sources and fluorescent tubes  (stuff i have at home), but first I needed a car!  I called up Nick Dizon from Vegasdrift because well, simply he has the cleanest Z in town, and he’s usually down for stuff like this! Plus his car is black, and lets get real, shooting black cars at night isn’t always the easiest to do…(reflections are killer and lighting setup is different than other color cars…at least for me) so this would be the perfect choice! All I used was a portable power supply (could be replaced by a location with a wall socket) and a craftsman 2′ fluorescent garage work tube. I did a test pass with the LED’s and was not a fan, maybe if you light it from behind the cameras POV, but theres no point really and rather bust out the speedlites.

I tried all different types of passes on the car, just to see how it would result, and see what I liked/disliked, just an FYI, the final shot i’m going to post was about 25 seconds long, and I made about 4 passes on the car. I also took a still image w/out lights and used to the background for a composite in case I left a light trail somehwere (which I did) Later that night I came to a conclusion doing a composite  of each pass would probably be the best/time efficient. you can really get the type of highlights you’re looking for by doing so, just don’t plan on having a huge set, with this type of lighting, so shoot some off during daylight if you’re looking for more than one picture!

here is one of the first sets that we did, lots of harsh reflections in the body and uneven fluoro, this was  due to time, I didn’t know what to expect and these were the results.

This one was worth the night in my opinion.

Overall, I had a great time trying this out, and think the results are pretty cool for what little equipment was needed. This is something that anyone with a DSLR, a tripod and some garage work fluorescent lights can do, which is pretty awesome.  Yes the picture isn’t perfect and completely to my standards, as the front/rear bumpers lose detail at the bottom, but its not bad in my opinion for starters. I will probably work on this a little bit more, add a few things, try multiple light sources, etc. but don’t expect a “how-to” then!



July 26, 2009 1 comment



Local Nick Dizon told me a few pics I snapped of his car were featured on this site. Another local Mello did the write up! Mello has a s13 drift car and dumped LS that i’d like to shoot as well, very cool!

April events

April 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Its Round one of Formula D, in Streets of Long Beach!! There are a lot of new drivers, new vehicles and new sponsors for the 2009 season!! I’m really hoping Eric O’sullivan, Matt Powers, Tommy Suell and Michael Essa do well this season! Other than that Boso’s new rasta s15 looks amazing in action, T.Faust’s scion is questionable, Rhys got eliminated in the first round in his new Hyundai Genesis Coupe, and poor Tommy, Ueo wrecked into him during practice thanks to poor flaggers on the track. This year its top 32 tandem and it made it 100x better!


The following weekend was VegasDrift 011 @ Buffalo Bills Casino (Primm, NV) It was great that the Arizona folks made it out. (George and Chase). George’s new LS1 FC is boner-town! It was a great event, but unfortunately I had to leave early due to work. Oh well that’s life!


Welcome to my Blog!

April 19, 2009 1 comment

Hi!  I figured I’d do a quick intro about myself. My name is Brenton Ho, 24 years young.  I am a local resident in Las Vegas, NV.  I go to school (still! I’ll get into that later),  work full time for SONY ALPHA© as a specialist for the Las Vegas Sony Style retail store, and I try to do as much freelance photography as I can squeeze in my schedule! No, I do not shoot with Sony, I have so much invested into another brand, it wouldnt be a good idea at all financially, esp being a student.

I’ve been shooting for only about 3 years,  only started taking it seriously less than 2 years ago however.  It all started with a 95 Nissan 240sx that I loved that started in early 2001.  I used to go out of state all the time to drift at JUST DRIFT events in willow springs or HPDE/US DRIFT/Trial by Fire events at Phoenix International Raceway or Firebird Raceway.  I especially liked the Arizona events because of the people and the photographers. Usually a few days after the race you could log onto and find 2 or more photographers (friscomix/, posting coverage of the past race/event.  By the way I love this quote from GRM “Racing is an addiction only cured by poverty”  shortly after I found out its the same for photography!

I was skipping school to build my race car, and going out of state once or even twice a month. That was not even including event entry, spare rims and tires, since back then on-site tire changing was unheard of.  So not only was it affecting school, but it was definately hurting financially as well maintaining a drift/daily driver. If it was broken, I was SOL, and had to find another mean of transportation, which could potentially cause problems at work.  It was a real eye-opener after I slammed the car into a wall at Firebird Raceway, which wasn’t THAT bad, as it was a tire wall, not a cement barrier. Deciding what I wanted to do was really hard, as I couldn’t see giving up racing yet.  I figured I would make my decision after the last event I signed up for, which was a VegasDrift event Parhump, NV.  Turns out I had crazy electrical bugs at the event in the middle of summer at a police training site. (imagine over 120 degrees) I was just over it by now,  having a Black s14 with no carpet/sound deadning, no a/c, and a turbo motor, as a daily driver. I remember my puma speedcat that I wore to that event melted to the transmission tunnel on the drive home. I used a chisel and mallet to get it out!!

I thought if i parted it out, after I sold everything I could buy a daily driver, another platform to race (s13) and have some money for other hobbies such as photography.  I ended up with a Scion Xb, EOS 30d, 430ex flash, a crf50, and a s13 shell with a blown sr. Anyways to make a long story short, I hated the Scion, it was good at the time because it helped build my credit tremendously, and got me approved for my 07 Frontier 4×4, eventually upgraded to a 40d from taking advantage of BestBuy’s service plan. The S13 went way over budget, I had Kazama everything, JIC FLTa2’s, Tomei 2way, S13sr w/550cc injectors, Z32 maf, GT2871r .64, Work XD-9’s, chargespeed overfenders and Origin aggresive aero.  It was setup perfect for what I wanted it to do, but ended up blowing the headgasket in the first week of daily driving it. FML.

It was an easy fix, but I was just so over it, I just built a car from the ground up, with nothing to show. I’ve had pretty shitty job at the moment, and on top of that at the time, I was a drop out from school.  I slept on it for quite a bit,  decided I can rebuild another whenever I wanted.  Parted out again, enrolled for next semester of school for a major in business, and photography as a minor. I initially wanted to get more into photography so I could still go out to drift events and hang out with all my friends, and practice shooting/panning, getting tips from the local photo ninja’s!  Probably the best decision I think I made in a long time. I’m definitely thankful for a few people that have helped me out tremendously such as Jacob Leveton (jacobphoto) and Mike Maez (M2AutoPhoto). I am still growing, and can see how my work is constantly improving. Hopefully I will be able to get a feature or even a front cover shot sometime in the near future.  Sorry for going off track, (no pun intended!!)

i wanted to throw some images in of my old s14.


February 28, 2009 Leave a comment

February wasn’t as busy as I had planned. I shot Paulo’s XB for fun and had a event later on that month. has really made the drifting scene grow out here in Las Vegas. We finally have events thanks to them. There might be petty drama between them and the JustDriftVegas guys’ but I’m all for more drifting in the community. This event had local news coverage promoting a safe environment for car control, and keeping it off the streets. We also witnessed the death of one of the older member’s s14. He’s been around since the Hankook drift event days. It’s always sad to see, but we expect bigger/better things from Roy now. Wrecked Magazine Coverage HERE.


Paulo’s XB is in my opinion the cleanest in the valley. Paulo is pretty active in the community being part of Royal Flush Apparel. And helping other scion owners become “HELLA FLUSH”.