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Shooting for the sake of movement….

A local photographer called me up asking if I wanted to check out a VW he was gonna shoot, and agreed I could fire off a few clicks as well. Its always a good thing to have a few heads while shooting on location in the middle of nowhere, I prefer it, if your friend has his CCW, even better. Anyways the R32’s owners name is Chris, and he’s moving out to texas and wanted to shoot his car before he leaves. Its dumped on some 17×8.5/17×9 BBS RS meshies, with 205’s stretched on them. They were losing light pretty quickly so I snapped about 10 frames in under 10 minutes with setup/breakdown. I really was burnt out by then and set up 2 sb800’s at about 1/32nd 6ft away from the car on each side.  Heres some images from the shoot. I wasn’t sure I was going to post this, but I figure this kind of makes up for the lack of updates.

no pics of the front because the front license bracket was still on, and i’m not a fan of the OEM silver grill, it needs to be color matched or black IMO

on another note: My face isn’t swollen anymore post dental surgery, and i can almost eat solid foods again!! thats the biggest highlight so far.  I think I prefer shooting dancers, models, than shooting cars. I need constant inspiration!

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