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Vegasdrift had its VD018 event this last Saturday as well. Shown above is Mike Bolanos, aka BOMAC Las Vegas veteran drifter since about 2002-03 back in the $30 Hankook Tire drift clinics!!

Also, check out the new watermark for my personal stuff. Its pretty gnarly. Thanks again to Lennon Franz @ Dorkidori clothing for the logo and my current business cards.

I haven’t shot drifting in a while, almost 3 months now! I kind of lost interest because from a media aspect, its hard to make it worth your time, and I usually end up going to support friends. I’m hoping to maybe take some time off in July and hit up FD Seattle @ Evergreen Speedway. I just need to find someone that will pay me!! That track looks awesome, and…well its Seattle!! The main reason I went out there was to show support to a buddy Josh Herron who’s part of KEEP DRIFTING FUN .

Here is one of Josh doing his thing this past weekend. Josh and Will are two of the drifting communities best videographers hands down. There might be maybe one or two more others that I can think of, but definitely those two are definitely KICK-ASS. (btw you all should watch that movie, its hilarious!)
I don’t think he’ll be making his way back to Vegas until August for Formula D Round 5, good luck buddy! To keep this short and sweet, they are traveling across the US making a DVD that covers drifting in all forms, street, track, competition, and all that entails to “KEEP DRIFTING FUN”.



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“This photo was taken by Al Powers after we conducted a lighting test. This is with a speedotron beautydish w/30 degree grid. And yes, I’m in SPACE!!!”

So, not meaning to back track, but Friday I helped out my good friend Al Powers with a lighting test between a 7′ white Photoflex octabox, 70″ white lastolite umbrella, and a silver 86″ PLM. Check out his comparison here. My personal favorite was the 86″ PLM, the light quality/efficiency and price make it the best bang for the buck modifier on the market, and I’m honestly almost sick of waiting for mine. I’ve been waiting for my version 1 PLM forever, but recently was told I’d be recieving Version 2 upon arrival of the product (whenever that is). The PLM has its downsides however, If used outdoors, I’d feel so much better using the photoflex 7′ Octadome just because I know it won’t “lift-off” on a windy day, you can also use just the inner diffusion panel for a more “edgy” look vs using the inner/outter diffusion panels.

Oh….and if you ever bought any sandisk extreme 3/4 card, install that program called Rescue Pro. I accidentally deleted about three photos in a row that I wanted to “LOCK”, and well, I got really lucky that’s all. Also, living off of 3-4hours every day will eventually take its toll and make you speak jibberish and do stupid things. Lesson learned, well at least I hope so…

One more thing….Happy Birthday DAD!!!!

I gotta feeling….

April 18, 2010 2 comments

This weekend was absolutely nuts, I was shooting all night Friday and all day Saturday, TGI…Sunday fun-day’s!!
Thursday night I had to cover the grand-opening of SKYBAR at the HRH (hard rock hotel), followed up with a fun time at SpyOn’s Open bar event, pre-gaming for the weekend so to speak!
Friday night I shot David Guetta @ Haze Nightclub inside of Aria, City Center. It was pretty B.A!!!, dual giant LED robots, haze’s amazing lights and sound, and an awesome set!

The only thing that sucked was carrying around a 70-200 in a nightclub. UGHHH!!! I brought that and a 15mm fish, I wished I had brought more, but I didn’t want to bring in a bag, and my think tank 75 pop down was more than I wanted to bring as it was, so I just made due.

Saturday I had 4 venues for work one including a performance and also a vegasdrift event which I stopped by to shoot for a bit (later on that). Cascada was performing at Pure Nightclub at the Caesars.

I had to shoot 2 other venues prior to the performance, I started shooting from 10:30pm, and I knew Cascada would be performing at around 1am. I had to try to get all the pics needed for each and accommodate driving time as well. What a mess!! I got so lucky and made it in maybe 1 song into her set, not quite sure, but I got what I needed thankfully.

I really enjoy the work I do however, I could be stuck inside a retail job or an office again and watch the time crawl by. I’ll be making another post shortly about some lighting tests and the vegasdrift event.

“Your Camera Takes Great Pictures!!”

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If I had a dollar for everytime I heard this……..getting ready to shoot the governors’ ball. check out this weeks Vegas Seven magazine, I’m not sure if i want to post more tearsheets as they’re not “pieces of work” so to speak. I’m doing a photoshoot tomorrow at the dry lake beds, I’ll have a pretty epic update soon hopefully!!!