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Dave’s LS

October 15, 2009 Leave a comment

Wanted to do an entry on a quick shoot i did today. It was more of an equipment test, I was testing out my new automotive rig that I had custom built last week at a metal shop out here in Vegas, I also was testing out a new Tokina 17mm prime. It does fairly decent on full frame sensors, the vignetting is caused by stacking of filters. Overall I’m very impressed with the new setup, and can’t wait to start shooting more cars now!

and one of the rear

I still have one more post from a shoot i did not too long ago as well. This weekend I’ll be shooting Formula D’s Final Round out at Irwindale Speedway. I can’t wait! good friends, good food, and overall a good time! things are looking up!

on a personal note: just got hooked on true blood. hence 3am post


DDM 370Z

May 1, 2009 1 comment

Mike’s new 370Z street car is decently modded now and ready for a quick photoshoot. Mike raced it in the street class for redline’s time attack last minute due to some problems with the ddm 350z you saw somewhere below. I’m pretty happy with the results from this shoot.



April 1, 2009 Leave a comment

I decided to break April into 3 different posts. This will be covering Ray and Brian’s car and PMA 09 (photographers marketing association). This is also the month I launched my website!

Ray called me up and told me he wanted rig shots of his car. I’ve been waiting to shoot this car for a while so I said why not!? I actually got very lucky at this spot as its now closed off to public and a parking garage will be built in its place. This is Ray’s 4th s13, so he’s not new as you can see. He is also the founder of Royal Flush Apparel.


Another friend of mine, Brian called me and told me his car was freshly painted. He’s had the same car since 2002 if i recall correctly. He’s had the same motor and at least 20 events or so without a rebuild or any problems. In that aspect, he’s the Las Vegas version of George from!!


PMA was in town, and as a part of work I showed up to see the new Sony Alpha products.

start off with the alpha stuff

then the canon, since thats what i shoot with. mmm 17mm TSE

and then what I was secretly admiring….cut-away d3 and 14-24 *drool*