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New Years Eve!!

December 31, 2010 Leave a comment

NYE is already here!! It felt like last week was Thanksgiving!! I can’t wait for 2011 already, I’ve got some plans!! The lower NYE flyer was another promo shoot that I did a few months back. A few flyers throughout Manufactured Superstars’ residency should be my photos as well, not that one however. The Manufactured Superstars photoshoot that I did was pretty epic I must say. Good things to come in 2011!!

Both TRYST and XS flyers were photos of mine as well, the TRYST flyer was later replaced with an ESTELLE flyer since she’ll be performing there tomorrow night (NYE!!!). Thanks again to Danny Mahoney over at XS for helping out with the shoot, some of the shots were his, some were mine, the lighting was done by me, NBD.

Heres a side profile shot that I took some time to edit. The original was pretty different, I’m glad I invested in that WACOM tablet! After all this madness is over I think a vacation is long overdue. I need to make an appointment with my sports therapist ASAP, and get my gyukaku/boiling crab fix!!

Not my favorite photo from the set, but definitely fitting for NYE and the giant blue Andy Warhol edition Dom P!!
On another note, I’m very thankful for my family and friends. I have the greatest family, and the best nephew! Everyone who knows me knows that I keep everything pretty close knit! I’ve grown close to new friends this year and closer to older ones, finding people you can trust and rely on in Las Vegas is pretty far and few between nowadays. Thank you everyone for a great year! 2010 went by a little fast, I’m still in shock its already over! See you guys’ next year, and please don’t drink and drive! Have a wonderful and safe New Year!! I’ll be at XS on the 1st shooting Manufactured Superstars, and Afrojack on Monday!!

-Brenton Ho


Help-Portrait 2010

December 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Dec 4th was the Las Vegas second annual Help-Portrait event at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center. The group shot above was remote triggered via Al Powers, @PowersImagery who pretty much ran the event this year. Here is a link to last years post for those that don’t remember. Click!

I wanted to give out a big Thank You to all the hair and make-up artists that helped out again this year, Justin Wray for supplying the step-and-repeat backdrop, TRYST nightclub for letting us use their red carpet, and everyone that came out to support the event!

It was nice going out there again, weather was great, and even saw some familiar faces from the previous year!

I like to check out what other communities are doing, some places go to senior citizen homes, hospitals, special education centers, and some people seem to do it independently as well! Its quite unreal how big this became.

If anyone wants more info or wants to know how to help out, this is a WORLD-WIDE event! This is happening once a year in your community! HELP PORTRAIT WEBSITE


July 18, 2010 Leave a comment

So I realize I’ve been MIA for a bit, but I’ve been slammed at work doing 10-14 venues per week and had a nice short 3.5 day vacation visiting my dad and friends all over Socal. Thao and Jacob were awesome as usual, I went to the best sports therapist/chiropractor ever in long beach, and had my Gyukaku, The Boiling Crab and my Pink Berry fix. Simply glorious!

So I managed to squeeze some time in for a shoot with Brooke. I told her I’ve been wanting to take some photos on the strip for quite some time now, since I basically pass these spots every night on the way to or from work. We managed to go to two locations, and get some decent shots. Lighting was very basic, nikon sb800 speedlight in a silver umbrella on almost all the shots, I figured there would be a lot of foot-traffic so i figured the less I brought the better.

I did realize a few things during this shoot however. I miss having prime lenses, and that I really can’t rely on my SU-800 outdoors, and its deemed useless compared to my radiopoppers. (RF>IR) The SU-800 is a great tool, its just for what I do and how much I make its really just another overlapping tool, and inconsistent (outdoors) at that! If they made an RF version of the SU-800 it’d be gold!!

I wanted to add in this black and white, I originally intended the set to be black and white but decided to go with color because it was so vivid straight out of camera. I really need to start shooting more portraits, I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment and need to figure a lot of stuff out still. Hopefully after a quick 3-4 day in California again for my birthday will help clear my mind. I know this was a short post, hopefully I’ll be able to follow up sooner than later! Thanks!

I gotta feeling….

April 18, 2010 2 comments

This weekend was absolutely nuts, I was shooting all night Friday and all day Saturday, TGI…Sunday fun-day’s!!
Thursday night I had to cover the grand-opening of SKYBAR at the HRH (hard rock hotel), followed up with a fun time at SpyOn’s Open bar event, pre-gaming for the weekend so to speak!
Friday night I shot David Guetta @ Haze Nightclub inside of Aria, City Center. It was pretty B.A!!!, dual giant LED robots, haze’s amazing lights and sound, and an awesome set!

The only thing that sucked was carrying around a 70-200 in a nightclub. UGHHH!!! I brought that and a 15mm fish, I wished I had brought more, but I didn’t want to bring in a bag, and my think tank 75 pop down was more than I wanted to bring as it was, so I just made due.

Saturday I had 4 venues for work one including a performance and also a vegasdrift event which I stopped by to shoot for a bit (later on that). Cascada was performing at Pure Nightclub at the Caesars.

I had to shoot 2 other venues prior to the performance, I started shooting from 10:30pm, and I knew Cascada would be performing at around 1am. I had to try to get all the pics needed for each and accommodate driving time as well. What a mess!! I got so lucky and made it in maybe 1 song into her set, not quite sure, but I got what I needed thankfully.

I really enjoy the work I do however, I could be stuck inside a retail job or an office again and watch the time crawl by. I’ll be making another post shortly about some lighting tests and the vegasdrift event.

Going back…way back…back into time..

February 4, 2010 Leave a comment

I remember when my brother first got his Nikon DSLR, it was a Nikon D70. I was pretty jealous as I think I had saved up for my first Canon powershot g3!! Talk about old-school! I remember it came with a 32mb CF type 1 card, and i paid about $80 for a one gigabyte card! Anyways, I didn’t know I’d end up having such an interest in photography as I do now. Nikon has always been “backwards” to me coming since my first DSLR was a 30D, from lens mounting to just the wheels in general. Thankfully the Nikon D700 has options where you can reverse the wheels, and tiny creature comforts that made the transition a lot smoother. Well, I purchased a 2nd hand D70s from a buddy on OTAP. He gave me a smokin’ deal I couldn’t pass up. I’ve been looking for a 2nd (crop/aps-c) body for family stuff, walking around, and the d700 is kind of intimidating to point at strangers (on both ends!), this one looks like I’ll be able to get away with more stuff, and shooting in certain areas as its not-so-serious looking.
Why a D70s? Why not? well, I guess it’s because I’m cheap and not made of money! When I need to start shooting 2 serious bodies, well I’ll think about it then. Right now this is perfect, the prehistoric 5 AF points, and the electronic shutter (which allows 1/500 sync speed) will suit just fine for a walk around body and high-speed-sync sun-killer. It kind of reminds me why I wanted a DSLR in the first place, which was mainly Image-Quality, off-camera flash abilities, and that narrow depth-of-field shots my brother used to always take which my Powershot couldn’t do for the life of it.
I decided to test it out, and do an outdoor “sportrait” during mid-afternoon. I think it came out decent, there are a few things wrong with these, but I’m kind of posting these a bit premature, I just shot these yesterday, so don’t mind my funky edits. This one is from the D70s.

I know I can light outdoors now which is good to know for future shoots. I believe that shot was at 1/500, I should have pushed it a bit more, and thats was with 3 strobes with diffusers on full blast!

That was with the D700, different edit/tones than the last, this pose looked a lot better in black and white, almost gave it more feeling. You can see a lot more detail with the D700, but thats to be expected. And lastly a set-up shot! I can’t believe I actually remembered!

On a more personal note, I started shooting for work again! I haven’t shot nightlife since end of December! This weekend I’ll be shooting the UNLV vs BYU game, I can’t wait! Looks like the rest of the week I’ll be at the SpyOn Open Bar events! Check it out, and get your photo taken! Thanks for stopping by! Leave me a comment if you like these behind the scene type shots. I’ll start to do this more if there’s a demand. Good ni….Morning! and have a great day!

Downtown to Funky Town!

January 25, 2010 Leave a comment

So today I decided to go downtown with local videographer/friend Joshua Herron ( to take a some stills. I brought only my d700 and Rokinon 85f/1.4 manual focus lens. Natural light+Manual focus is not really me, but today had a cool glow coming through the clouds that made it work out just enough! I actually knew what kind of “look” I wanted prior to going there, and these are almost spot on what I had pictured earlier. It makes shooting so much easier going out there knowing what you want!
On to the next one, heres a snap of big JH!

and a few random shots I found interesting. This picture is kind of spooky, it has that New York look/feel to it.

I usually don’t like to give out locations, but this spot has been whored up so much already, here it is. I actually thought of monster energy drink when i saw this.

Some random fruit and straws lined up on the ground. Coincidence? Maybe. I doubt someone would be that bored though.

I really enjoyed the photo-walk today which was ended with a Bento-Plate at The Cal to top off an already good day! The look and feel are consistent throughout the set, and I realized manual focusing calms me down and makes me compose better.

City Center Revisited

December 21, 2009 Leave a comment

So after all the grand opening craziness I decided to walk around at a “to my leisure” pace, to revisit some things I saw the weekend prior. I recently acquired a 14-24 f/2.8G lens, and my god what lens that is. Unfortunately I think I will be getting rid of it and replacing it with a fisheye. A lot of it is repeat focal length, and it cannot accept filters in the range of my budget. This is just too expensive of a “specialty” lens to let it sit in my pelican case. Anyways, I love the edge to edge sharpness and color accuracy it produces, and the front element of this thing is to die for!! Anyways, I knew of a few places that I wanted to shoot wide (14-16mm focal length) and hit them up before I forgot.
Doesn’t this look like its almost pulling you forward? The 14-24 is stellar here!

It has the same effect on these gorgeous set of stairs inside of Crystals. I tried to shoot this with my 24-70G, but instantly knew I had to come back with the 14-24G lens.

Here’s one of the escalators outside. (the tone goes well I think)

This one is one of my favorites, it has a real industrial look to it, but its smack in the middle of city center. You can see Aria at the corner of the glass.

One of inside the hotel. The camera tilt works on this one. I love the shapes in this one, everything is so symmetrical but when shot that wide it has a really cool look to it.

Hope you enjoyed these! I had a lot of fun with these if you could tell. Hopefully I can keep my blog a little more up to date. That once a week didn’t really work so well this year.