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Vegasdrift had its VD018 event this last Saturday as well. Shown above is Mike Bolanos, aka BOMAC Las Vegas veteran drifter since about 2002-03 back in the $30 Hankook Tire drift clinics!!

Also, check out the new watermark for my personal stuff. Its pretty gnarly. Thanks again to Lennon Franz @ Dorkidori clothing for the logo and my current business cards.

I haven’t shot drifting in a while, almost 3 months now! I kind of lost interest because from a media aspect, its hard to make it worth your time, and I usually end up going to support friends. I’m hoping to maybe take some time off in July and hit up FD Seattle @ Evergreen Speedway. I just need to find someone that will pay me!! That track looks awesome, and…well its Seattle!! The main reason I went out there was to show support to a buddy Josh Herron who’s part of KEEP DRIFTING FUN .

Here is one of Josh doing his thing this past weekend. Josh and Will are two of the drifting communities best videographers hands down. There might be maybe one or two more others that I can think of, but definitely those two are definitely KICK-ASS. (btw you all should watch that movie, its hilarious!)
I don’t think he’ll be making his way back to Vegas until August for Formula D Round 5, good luck buddy! To keep this short and sweet, they are traveling across the US making a DVD that covers drifting in all forms, street, track, competition, and all that entails to “KEEP DRIFTING FUN”.

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