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Help-Portrait 2010

December 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Dec 4th was the Las Vegas second annual Help-Portrait event at the Shannon West Homeless Youth Center. The group shot above was remote triggered via Al Powers, @PowersImagery who pretty much ran the event this year. Here is a link to last years post for those that don’t remember. Click!

I wanted to give out a big Thank You to all the hair and make-up artists that helped out again this year, Justin Wray for supplying the step-and-repeat backdrop, TRYST nightclub for letting us use their red carpet, and everyone that came out to support the event!

It was nice going out there again, weather was great, and even saw some familiar faces from the previous year!

I like to check out what other communities are doing, some places go to senior citizen homes, hospitals, special education centers, and some people seem to do it independently as well! Its quite unreal how big this became.

If anyone wants more info or wants to know how to help out, this is a WORLD-WIDE event! This is happening once a year in your community! HELP PORTRAIT WEBSITE


Rouge Revisited

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment

So there was another showing of “Rouge” around midnight (thursday), and I for some reason couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d edit a few and throw them up on here. I’ve been playing a lot more with my editing, trying new things if you will. These girls have a lot of talent, and the word is they get picked up by PURE ENTERTAINMENT, that would be sooo good for them!

For some reason the more I look at these images, the more i think the edit suits this burlesque look/feel.  One thing I like about the show is just the “sexy while having fun” vibe the girls give off. The dancing/choreography of it is just great, its crazy how it’s a privately funded show.

It’s that time where I get ready for work now. Yay me, SRSLY. Some camera info below! Wish me luck! and leave me a comment!!!

For camera guys, this was shot with a new lens, Nikons 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX which is meant for their crop (DX) bodies but it works pretty well on full frame (FX) w/out cropping. at f/1.8-2.8 there is slight vignetting that can be fixed in post, but I kind of like the look. It seems to focus faster than my 50 f/1.8AF-D, and wasn’t much more. Anyways, heres 3 pics that I chose pretty quickly. I had 4 but now that I look at the 4th, the editing is kind of off compared to the set. I think I really should have slept instead. Most of these were shot bare lens, ISO 3200!! f/1.8-2.2, mainly around 1/250th.