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Summer means a million different things this year!!! HOT!, Pool Season!, Over-Worked!, Caffiene-Overload and Overheating SB900’s! are a few examples. I had quite the last few weeks, I’ve been meaning to update. I’ll try to keep this in chronological order for the most part. I was super-stoked almost 2 Saturday’s ago I assisted photographer Blair Bunting who is a friend-of-a-friend, and featured photographer on strobist.com . The subject was a Indy 500 driver that resides here in Las Vegas for a feature in Car and Driver Magazine.

Sometimes we cover cool events like the Grand Opening Screening of Iron Man 2, with Stan Lee at Brendan theaters. There was a private meet and greet above the movie theaters in the Johnny Brendan VIP suite, which was full of Iron man/Marvel Comics memorabilia for the night. Not to mention the free private-screening of Iron Man 2!! That movie gave me Scarlett Johansson Fever!!!

Work has been overwhelming, summer has officially started and SpyOn is doing its annual “Hot 100” and “Friday Night Live”. Both are Friday events, both containing concerts as well as the competition itself. Shown above is Dorrough, who’s most known for “Ice Cream Paint Job” performing at Wet Republic.

Later the same day at the Hard Rock Flyleaf performed for Friday Night live. Apparently they’re a christian rock band who doesn’t support alcohol, so we were not allowed to photograph them due to the open bar event. So here’s a random guy from a band headlining for them.

Hot 100 surprised me because Misa Campo was there. She’s always been one of the more “classy” import models vs the tons of trashy ones. So coming from mainly car-culture-blogging it was nice to see her out of the tuner persona.

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