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“This photo was taken by Al Powers after we conducted a lighting test. This is with a speedotron beautydish w/30 degree grid. And yes, I’m in SPACE!!!”

So, not meaning to back track, but Friday I helped out my good friend Al Powers with a lighting test between a 7′ white Photoflex octabox, 70″ white lastolite umbrella, and a silver 86″ PLM. Check out his comparison here. My personal favorite was the 86″ PLM, the light quality/efficiency and price make it the best bang for the buck modifier on the market, and I’m honestly almost sick of waiting for mine. I’ve been waiting for my version 1 PLM forever, but recently was told I’d be recieving Version 2 upon arrival of the product (whenever that is). The PLM has its downsides however, If used outdoors, I’d feel so much better using the photoflex 7′ Octadome just because I know it won’t “lift-off” on a windy day, you can also use just the inner diffusion panel for a more “edgy” look vs using the inner/outter diffusion panels.

Oh….and if you ever bought any sandisk extreme 3/4 card, install that program called Rescue Pro. I accidentally deleted about three photos in a row that I wanted to “LOCK”, and well, I got really lucky that’s all. Also, living off of 3-4hours every day will eventually take its toll and make you speak jibberish and do stupid things. Lesson learned, well at least I hope so…

One more thing….Happy Birthday DAD!!!!

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