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Back in December, Al Powers and I participated in a world-wide charity event called Help-Portrait. I received an email Sunday morning stating there would be a gallery viewing on Monday the 22nd. I’m so lucky I had the time off to go and see what was happening. I had no idea they were going to be doing this, and with the help of a few sponsors, this was all possible! Sorry about the image quality, these were all from my point and shoot so bear with me.

That’s a list of the sponsors that made it all possible, Brett Wesley was where the Gallery exhibit was held, Cashman Photo did the prints/scrap-books, cup cakery supplied tasty treats for everyone, and of course help-portrait which includes a large amount of make-up artists/hair stylists/photographers, and a great staff who either helped organize everything or just wanted to help out period!

The prints came out great, They also printed to the sensor size, so no cropping was needed which was impressive. There was also a mosiac that was made from images we took that day, I wonder what software does this, I’d be interested in the future.

This picture below is of Marcus, the print turned out great! What’s even cooler is that they were giving the pictures of the kids to them after the event! The following image is from the scrapbook, three of my images on that page plus a photo of me as well!

It was really nice to actually see some of the kids there as well. Heres a picture of some of the kids and organizers for this event together.

These next two photos made it all worth-while for me. This was the letter in the scrap-book and the photo I printed and framed for Andrew in December. I can’t explain how much this means to me, but I’m ecstatic I was able to give a gift to every teen I photographed that might have had some kind of impact on their life.

Hopefully we can do this again soon. Its such a great overall-feeling, I’d suggest this to everyone. Hopefully we can step it up a notch every year, usually the first year is pretty rocky, which at times it was, but i’m very confident when I say, it can only get better from here!!

  1. Juddi Lin
    April 5, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Wow Brenton! I am impressed that you gave back to the community. I always thought you hated everyone! Lol.. you’re all grown up now! jk.. Good job. I would like to see more of this!

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