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Downtown to Funky Town!

So today I decided to go downtown with local videographer/friend Joshua Herron (joshuaherron.com) to take a some stills. I brought only my d700 and Rokinon 85f/1.4 manual focus lens. Natural light+Manual focus is not really me, but today had a cool glow coming through the clouds that made it work out just enough! I actually knew what kind of “look” I wanted prior to going there, and these are almost spot on what I had pictured earlier. It makes shooting so much easier going out there knowing what you want!
On to the next one, heres a snap of big JH!

and a few random shots I found interesting. This picture is kind of spooky, it has that New York look/feel to it.

I usually don’t like to give out locations, but this spot has been whored up so much already, here it is. I actually thought of monster energy drink when i saw this.

Some random fruit and straws lined up on the ground. Coincidence? Maybe. I doubt someone would be that bored though.

I really enjoyed the photo-walk today which was ended with a Bento-Plate at The Cal to top off an already good day! The look and feel are consistent throughout the set, and I realized manual focusing calms me down and makes me compose better.

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