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HAH!! This was a really cool last minute shoot with OLD friends Justin and Aries. We used to jam in my backyard back in 1999? (NSB!) OLD SCHOOL.

Anyways, I ran into both of them at the gym I go to a few months back, and set this up 4pm on a Sunday! This was a test shoot, I knew what kind of light I wanted, I just wanted to make sure it wasn’t too harsh. A large photoflex softbox and 46″ silver umbrella were used in a cross-light setup. Hopefully we’ll set up a proper shoot at a better location with more of the old homies!

Unfortunately, my White-lightning X1600 was being a POS, so I had to use an X800 and alien bee B1600. The WLX1600 is out for repair, hopefully it won’t cost too much!! I already miss it dearly!

Most of these shots were manual focused, it was dark, no ambient light, just a spot lamp from the building we were at. I can’t wait to do the real shoot later hopefully this month. All of our schedules are out of control lately. Just posting an update!!

  1. nick
    January 23, 2010 at 5:07 pm

    looking forward to the real shoot, cause these looked amazing to me.

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