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City Center Revisited

So after all the grand opening craziness I decided to walk around at a “to my leisure” pace, to revisit some things I saw the weekend prior. I recently acquired a 14-24 f/2.8G lens, and my god what lens that is. Unfortunately I think I will be getting rid of it and replacing it with a fisheye. A lot of it is repeat focal length, and it cannot accept filters in the range of my budget. This is just too expensive of a “specialty” lens to let it sit in my pelican case. Anyways, I love the edge to edge sharpness and color accuracy it produces, and the front element of this thing is to die for!! Anyways, I knew of a few places that I wanted to shoot wide (14-16mm focal length) and hit them up before I forgot.
Doesn’t this look like its almost pulling you forward? The 14-24 is stellar here!

It has the same effect on these gorgeous set of stairs inside of Crystals. I tried to shoot this with my 24-70G, but instantly knew I had to come back with the 14-24G lens.

Here’s one of the escalators outside. (the tone goes well I think)

This one is one of my favorites, it has a real industrial look to it, but its smack in the middle of city center. You can see Aria at the corner of the glass.

One of inside the hotel. The camera tilt works on this one. I love the shapes in this one, everything is so symmetrical but when shot that wide it has a really cool look to it.

Hope you enjoyed these! I had a lot of fun with these if you could tell. Hopefully I can keep my blog a little more up to date. That once a week didn’t really work so well this year.

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