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sleep deprivation

Where to begin….the last couple of weeks has been almost overwhelming in the best way possible! First off, be prepared for massive amounts of name-dropping in this blog post. Second of all, I had a full access press pass at the Manny Pacquiao VS Miguel Cotto fight at the MGM grand! It was one of the most amazing things this year, honestly! I was an assistant to Chris Farina from TOP RANK, and I learned a lot for sure! I also had the chance to meet Al Bello from Getty Images and Ed Mullholland from HBO, which along with Chris are some of the biggest names in boxing! (media side at least!) The fight and experience was nothing less than amazing, the work station I had was a row in front of where Mario Lopez was doing a live pod cast, (SLATER!!!) and 2 rows behind where HBO was actually broadcasting the event Live.
heres a terrible blackberry pic of my media creds!

A few days ago I helped out Al Powers shoot an event for HP/Hewlett Packard. Turns out there guest speaker was Olympic 8x medalist Michael Phelps!! Michael seemed exhausted, and worn out. Still a really nice guy!

I had to shoot Tao/Jet night club the other night for Tito Ortiz/Forrest Griffin’s After Parties for UFC 106. Both fighters are really nice in person, Forrest comes off nicer, but I think it might be due to the sheer size of Tito Ortiz that might be a bit intimidating!!

Heres a pic of Forrest outside of Jet. He had a knarly cut/gash on his upper right eye. I didn’t watch the fight, but i was looking at images on Getty Images, and from the looks I thought Tito won, but Forrest won by split decision. There was so much blood!!!

Tito Ortiz was at Tao, but I missed him walking in. This was shot later in the night. Definitely a huge difference on how they present themselves appearance wise. And no I did not put the watermark there intentionally, Tito does not endorse my website or any of that jazz, the watermarks part of a set “action” in PS.

Sorry for the lack of updates lately, I figured if i didn’t throw something up it would just be way too late, and old content nobody really cares about in all honesty. Nothing really new besides the fact I really enjoy shooting nightclubs with a flash bracket, I’ll be ordering a Newton folding bracket shortly, and maybe a lens baby composer. (this thing is really cool!) I still find myself wanting a wider zoom lens, maybe next year I’ll look into the 17-35 f/2.8 nikon has to offer and a 2nd body, I thought I’d never say this, but I’m starting to miss the reach a crop body gives me. I miss how a 1.5 crop would make a 70-200 f/2.8 a 300mm @ f/2.8 and with a 1.4x tele a 420 f/4. Thats so much cheaper than buying the telephoto prime’s I’d want. I really miss canon’s HUGE full frame wide angle “L” choices. 17-35, 16-35 ver 1 and 2, and the 17-40. Nikon’s 17-35 used is still over $1000.
There is also a rebate going on for SanDisk Extreme CF cards right now! 24 gigs should be delivered today =P shooting every night gets tiring. I need to get my new windows 7 pc built already and a few terabytes in backup space.

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