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Formula D Irwindale day 1

Its a lot hotter in California than I thought it’d be! today on track it was about 93 with some humidity. Thats pretty unbearable, coming from dry 80s in las vegas! After noon came along and was much better for everone! Check out http://www.motivelife.com, I’ll be doing live updates through there all day tomorrow. Today will be interesting to shoot. Can’t wait for some tandem action!!

Sam’s viper’s looking its best ever with some shaun carlson livery

D-Mac killing it on his first qualifying run! He was killing it in practice and had a little mishap the day before, but he’s looking good out there like nothing ever happened!!

JTP/Justin Pawlak had probably the best runs consistently all day long! his car sounds pretty amazing thats for sure!!

and good luck to Ross Petty, from my understanding he blew his 2.2L SR, and ran it on 3 cylinders during qualifying and placed! His team stayed up all night and put together a stock sr with cams and turbo setup. Hopefully he can keep up with all the v8’s!!!

these are just a few images, please check out motivelife.com for live updates!!

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