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VegasDrift14 @ Nellis AFB

Vegasdrift014 was at nellis air force base this time around. Awesome for drivers, 2 tracks (one mocked like FD vegas, and one as wsir’s balcony). You’ll notice I barely took any pics of cars drifting, I hate how media meetings are super early, and people aren’t killing it until noon or later. I think I stuck around until 1130? One thing about this event for drivers, you get TONS of track time, it made me wish I drove still. Speaking of which, I actually was backing up my PC as I’m slowly collecting pieces to upgrade to a way better/faster/windows 7 based system when I found some PIR (phoenix international raceway) videos from US DRIFT events that I attended, boy did that take me back! dg trial stickers, daily driven drift cars, fno1rc’s when they were new, blair’s bass boat!

Nothing really new besides just planning for future shoots. I’ve been location scouting almsot every chance I get and have some dope spots for the future. I do have a few more edits of the laundromat that i’ll be posting up in a few days, but for now, heres a few pics I took from nellis. I spent the little time I was there shooting with ND filters, and it gave the images the awesome tone it has straight out of camera. I actually like it a lot, I just need to shoot more next time. I also actually had my first goomba/lurker photographer following me at the track for the first time ever, trying to get the same shot I did, or trying to ruin every shot by standing by every car I walked passed in the pits on the opposite side, he wasn’t slick at all about it, I think I waited almost 5 minutes for this dude to move but decided it wasnt worth it. So yeah, I have no action shots……its okay though because the local vd photographer was there and coverage from wrecked and motormavens were there as well.
On a side note, today didn’t feel like Las Vegas at all, the weather has been really cool and I can’t wait for snowboard season!

and one of josh herron, local videographer. He was driving, and actually one a “longest slide” competition they had later in the day! so dope! i liked the background/comp of this picture. no homo!

I have a new automotive rig being built right now, and I can’t wait. Also, I’ve made the switch from photoshop CS3->CS4 and CS4 is AMAZING. I think my CS3 was in due for an update, but CS4 just overall works better!

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