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Rouge Revisited

So there was another showing of “Rouge” around midnight (thursday), and I for some reason couldn’t sleep, so I figured I’d edit a few and throw them up on here. I’ve been playing a lot more with my editing, trying new things if you will. These girls have a lot of talent, and the word is they get picked up by PURE ENTERTAINMENT, that would be sooo good for them!

For some reason the more I look at these images, the more i think the edit suits this burlesque look/feel.  One thing I like about the show is just the “sexy while having fun” vibe the girls give off. The dancing/choreography of it is just great, its crazy how it’s a privately funded show.

It’s that time where I get ready for work now. Yay me, SRSLY. Some camera info below! Wish me luck! and leave me a comment!!!

For camera guys, this was shot with a new lens, Nikons 35mm f/1.8 AF-S DX which is meant for their crop (DX) bodies but it works pretty well on full frame (FX) w/out cropping. at f/1.8-2.8 there is slight vignetting that can be fixed in post, but I kind of like the look. It seems to focus faster than my 50 f/1.8AF-D, and wasn’t much more. Anyways, heres 3 pics that I chose pretty quickly. I had 4 but now that I look at the 4th, the editing is kind of off compared to the set. I think I really should have slept instead. Most of these were shot bare lens, ISO 3200!! f/1.8-2.2, mainly around 1/250th.

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