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shooting babies

sounds really gnarly, but its really not. HAHA! A friend of mine John G who just recently had a birthday requested to have pictures taken of his god daughter and niece. I agreed knowing i’d have to do a photoshoot soon of my nephew as well. One thing I didn’t realize is how hard it is to get both babies attention and how physically draining it is. I thought I was bad with babies, John’s about 10x worse than I am, and not to mention his face was just….priceless. I’m not gonna post up the traditonal ones, but more of edits i was playing with. this was shot in home, white seamless over carpet (soft in case they fell over or anything) with ab800+22” beauty dish camera right, ab800 with a 56″ softliter used for fill above babies, and 2 sb800’s into seamless. (yes i think this could have been a 2 light project, but i decided on white seamless for some reason)

this one for example, i was going for that “ceramic doll” type look with the dead to earth type look in her eyes. I think it came out okay for roughly a few min in PS. I think this picture would be rad for a “zombie baby” look!

This one was not shot high key, but edited for a highkey, sepia tone stock photo.  (if that makes any sense at all!!) anyways i blew it out on purpose because you know whats there, then again these edits arent for everyone.

also, I got word of another showing of “ROUGE” next thursday, so expect this week’s tuesday project and that to come in the near future! also a photoshoot of paulo’s new daily driver.  (havent done a rig shot in forever, need to brush up!)

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