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dead on arrival

so i’ve been pretty busy flipping upgrading gear lately, I finally added two sb800’s to my gearlist. Nikon’s CLS is to blame, as along with my buddy Al Powers.  Exactly a week ago was the revival of our weekly tuesday photo walks/excursions. We bring a few friends (other photogs) and try to do a creative lighting assignment each week.  Anyways, last week led us downtown. I’m sure as the weeks go by , the content will get better, as its a work in progress right now I think it went pretty well, and i’m looking foward to later on tonight! We used the “light on a stick” method with an umbrella bracket/shoot-through for most of the shots. Anyways,  onto the photos!

this one was a bit sketchy if i wanted to use it or not, it was a 1 second exposure, hence the shake/blur in the background. i think its just enough in focus to use it.

fremont st is always fun because random (drunk) people are always coming up and talking to you. in this case i was  “dude in blue” hahaha! apparently next guy wearing blue they wanted a picture with ::rolls eyes:: and here you have it.

that pic was taken by al, LOL. FML

heres a pic of mine of  the  d90 video of what just happened. LOL, playing in black and white lately.

and one of my favorites from the night. if only i focused on the girls expression/eyes rather than the creepy dude asking for money! This was probably my favorite because of the feeling you get, everyones disgusted/creeped out and i don’t have to really tell a story at all to get that feeling.

thats it for now! check back soon!

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