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Wustefest/Gold Rush Rally!

Saturday at work my phone was being blown up by a few local tuner/enthusiasts/photographers that Wustefest was in town or that Gold Rush Rally was rolling through this today as well. There was also a local car show at the local Acura dealership, that actually had a bigger turn out than I thought. (I didn’t get to cover that one) but I rushed out of work at my scheduled time drove home, grabbed my gear and proceeded to the top of the parking garage at Palace Station. I parked a level below, grabbed my gear and started to look at the few VW’s and BMW’s in the lower garage, lightly modified nothing crazy. As I made my way up to the roof I could hear west coast rap bumping and drunken shennanigans. Turns out Wustefest is a “Supra Invades Las Vegas” type deal but for the Euro Scene. (which I don’t follow as much as I should) There were people from all over the nation and a shop/group that made the trip from Canada (Das Auto Haus). Cool dudes, really really represented in full force. Wheel fitment whores like myself were drooling at the ridiculous pulls and stretched tires. Anyways, I got there at the end of the “golden hour” so light went down super quick, I was a bit disappointed for hitting so much traffic between work>home>Wustefest. Anyways I was looking for the owner of this car but he was nowhere to be found. Actually for some reason I lost my voice halfway talking to the Das Auto Haus guys’. So whichever way you look at it I was screwed. This M5 was sporting a full carbon fiber front end, and was from a shop in Irvine, CA called Trinity Autosport. It got dark, and well I wasn’t properly equipped on my gear, so bare with me for these pics, as they’re not of the norm.


Shortly afterwards I swung by the Wynn Casino where the Gold Rush Rally car’s were parked. The Gold Rush Rally purpose was to mix the best cultures into a giant weekend getaway. Automotive rally’s, nightlife/parties, music, fashion, celebrities, and friends, who could ask for more? Anyways, when I got there it was very dim lit, with the occasional headlights of security driving by. There was a parking lot blocked off full of Ferrari’s, Aston Martin’s, Porsche’s, Audi’s and Nissan’s “Godzilla”. I ran into Craig Lieberman, but could barely even make small talk at this point (throat was super raw). As I walked around it was the usual rally cars, as gumball just came through not too long ago, but one thing that stumped me was this odd looking off-road beast. I took a picture of it (thank god) but my initial thoughts was its ugly as sin, but its got super wide tires/wheels on stock looking rims (which is an unusual mix for a rally car). Anyway’s I shrugged it off and figured its dark, I should really leave. Earlier today while taking a break from editing photo’s, I went onto Speedhunters.com to see whats new and of course they have a Lambo Museum coverage. Low and behold the same effin car was there! I couldn’t believe it. and I will have to quote the author. (shortened a tad)


“I mean what other sports car manufacturer would even consider building an off-roader?!?! But I guess that is exactly what makes Lamborghini different. Back in the late 70’s they began development of a rear-engined off-road vehicle, called the Cheetah Prototype, with intentions to sell it to the US military. The project didn’t work out, but this didn’t stop them for continuing to develop it further. In the end the front engined LM002 came to be, powered by the 444HP Countach 5.2 L V12.
Lamborghini commissioned Pirelli to create the monster tires above, the run-flat Scorpion. Mounted on 17-inch lightweight forged O.Z. wheels they are one of the most visible traits of the massive SUV, due to their size which comes in at a whopping 345/60/VR17 all round!
The first LM002 was sold to the king of Marocco in 1986 and really appealed to the Saudi Arabian army who ordered 40 of them! Lamborghini also built a Paris Dakar Rally version of the LM002 with redesigned suspension, stripped out race interior and even tuned the V12 to produce 600 HP! Unfortunately it never actually competed in the legendary rally but was used in the Rallye des Pharaons in Egypt. Only 301 road-going LM002s were made, and I’m lucky enough to see one on a regular basis here in Tokyo as a guy down the street from me owns one!”

now…..how does that make you feel about the above image being wrapped in gold vinyl for the rally? I’m sure the owner must have had a better suiting car to bring to the rally. Either way I look back 2 days ago, and I’m kind of happy I snapped that shot. (even though it sucks) hahaha!

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