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Welcome to my Blog!

Hi!  I figured I’d do a quick intro about myself. My name is Brenton Ho, 24 years young.  I am a local resident in Las Vegas, NV.  I go to school (still! I’ll get into that later),  work full time for SONY ALPHA© as a specialist for the Las Vegas Sony Style retail store, and I try to do as much freelance photography as I can squeeze in my schedule! No, I do not shoot with Sony, I have so much invested into another brand, it wouldnt be a good idea at all financially, esp being a student.

I’ve been shooting for only about 3 years,  only started taking it seriously less than 2 years ago however.  It all started with a 95 Nissan 240sx that I loved that started in early 2001.  I used to go out of state all the time to drift at JUST DRIFT events in willow springs or HPDE/US DRIFT/Trial by Fire events at Phoenix International Raceway or Firebird Raceway.  I especially liked the Arizona events because of the people and the photographers. Usually a few days after the race you could log onto AZ240sx.org and find 2 or more photographers (friscomix/mikemaez.com, desertimports.com) posting coverage of the past race/event.  By the way I love this quote from GRM “Racing is an addiction only cured by poverty”  shortly after I found out its the same for photography!

I was skipping school to build my race car, and going out of state once or even twice a month. That was not even including event entry, spare rims and tires, since back then on-site tire changing was unheard of.  So not only was it affecting school, but it was definately hurting financially as well maintaining a drift/daily driver. If it was broken, I was SOL, and had to find another mean of transportation, which could potentially cause problems at work.  It was a real eye-opener after I slammed the car into a wall at Firebird Raceway, which wasn’t THAT bad, as it was a tire wall, not a cement barrier. Deciding what I wanted to do was really hard, as I couldn’t see giving up racing yet.  I figured I would make my decision after the last event I signed up for, which was a VegasDrift event Parhump, NV.  Turns out I had crazy electrical bugs at the event in the middle of summer at a police training site. (imagine over 120 degrees) I was just over it by now,  having a Black s14 with no carpet/sound deadning, no a/c, and a turbo motor, as a daily driver. I remember my puma speedcat that I wore to that event melted to the transmission tunnel on the drive home. I used a chisel and mallet to get it out!!

I thought if i parted it out, after I sold everything I could buy a daily driver, another platform to race (s13) and have some money for other hobbies such as photography.  I ended up with a Scion Xb, EOS 30d, 430ex flash, a crf50, and a s13 shell with a blown sr. Anyways to make a long story short, I hated the Scion, it was good at the time because it helped build my credit tremendously, and got me approved for my 07 Frontier 4×4, eventually upgraded to a 40d from taking advantage of BestBuy’s service plan. The S13 went way over budget, I had Kazama everything, JIC FLTa2’s, Tomei 2way, S13sr w/550cc injectors, Z32 maf, GT2871r .64, Work XD-9’s, chargespeed overfenders and Origin aggresive aero.  It was setup perfect for what I wanted it to do, but ended up blowing the headgasket in the first week of daily driving it. FML.

It was an easy fix, but I was just so over it, I just built a car from the ground up, with nothing to show. I’ve had pretty shitty job at the moment, and on top of that at the time, I was a drop out from school.  I slept on it for quite a bit,  decided I can rebuild another whenever I wanted.  Parted out again, enrolled for next semester of school for a major in business, and photography as a minor. I initially wanted to get more into photography so I could still go out to drift events and hang out with all my friends, and practice shooting/panning, getting tips from the local photo ninja’s!  Probably the best decision I think I made in a long time. I’m definitely thankful for a few people that have helped me out tremendously such as Jacob Leveton (jacobphoto) and Mike Maez (M2AutoPhoto). I am still growing, and can see how my work is constantly improving. Hopefully I will be able to get a feature or even a front cover shot sometime in the near future.  Sorry for going off track, (no pun intended!!)

i wanted to throw some images in of my old s14.

  1. Juddi
    June 17, 2009 at 6:07 pm

    Dude, I totally remember those cars. I miss em’… I miss riding in it when I was drunk and throwing up. You are awesome. And I’ve known you for almost 7 years and it’s great to see that you got your head on strait. Well sort of… lol

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