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The whole month of december was pretty busy with family and friends for the holidays. I still had time to do a few photo-shoots for friends. First in the month was Mike Bonnani’s Evo IX, and his wifes 350Z daily driver. It was more of a test shoot really, and the results were decent. Mike owns Double Down Motorsports and pilots a 350Z in Redline Time Attack. It is in for a facelift/motor refresh at the moment, so we shot his daily drivers for fun.


Meanwhile, another local 240 guy informed me he was moving back to japan. So I needed to shoot his car before it was shipped out in January. Anyways, Shige is a really cool guy, he has the same exact birthday as me, even the same year! and his first name is part of my middle name (Shigeyuki!) hahahaha! totally random facts, but its rare to meet someone with the same exact birthday. Shige used to own a blue 180sx with KA conversion, because it was “rare” in Japan! it was super clean and had 18×9.5 work emotions all around if i recall correctly back in 2005. So back then, Shige was BOSS! It unfortunately got totaled in an accident, and started this build.


Lennon Franz of DorkiDori Clothing has been a local veteran for a while. I think he’s had 3 or more 240’s since I’ve known him. This one is definitely the best of the three. He informed me he needed pics for his sponsors, so we snapped a few. (parking garages are not my fave, but are easy for last minute/anytime of day type shots) side note: I just realized I don’t have any of his images uploaded, will update later or just reshoot in the future.


That about sums December up! It was decent.

  1. "SHIGE" haru
    May 31, 2009 at 9:48 am

    Wow, amazing pics at your blog!! And, thank you so much for your photoshoot!!! I will print out big picture and hook on the wall soon!!!
    Thanks again!! Domo-arigato!! Xie-Xie!!
    I dont know my Chinese is correct…anyway,Japanese is right…haha

  2. May 31, 2009 at 10:32 am

    LOL, send me your email and which pic you want full res. i’ll hook you up shige! =P

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